NYSC 33,000 Stipends: 5 Secret Facts you must know

It is no longer news; the federal government has increased the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) monthly stipends normally known as “allawe” to a tune of $95 or 33,000

This was confirmed by the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). And some corpers have seen alerts so far. apply for Npower https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-2020-recruitment-how-to-make-the-final-list-and-mistakes-to-avoid

What this means, is that, henceforth, all corps member will go home monthly with N33, 000. This is different from what your Place of primary assignment will give to you.

The struggle for increment started when corps members and the concerned civil society complain bitterly of the plight of corps members, all over the nation.

The rising cost of living and the skyrocket rate of inflation had made the previous 19800 naira “a wage that cannot take corps members home”. A sad reality that calls for immediate increment

The buhari led government alongside with the national minimum wage outcry, took in focus, to increase the NYSC stipends. Today, it’s now a ground breaking victory.

 5 Secrets you must know

  However, there is some Facts Your Need to Know About this new Increment

  • This increment is a permanent one: Henceforth, you will continue to receive 33,000 naira as your nysc allawe, till you finally pass out of the program.

  • Arrears will be paid: Those batches that have being receiving 19800 will be paid in full, the numbers of months you were paid 19800 will be calculated and shortfall will be paid as arrears, sooner than later. Be at alert, before you pass out, your arrears will be paid. It happened to 2007 batch, when it was increased to 19800 naira from 7800 naira  

  • The last batches will also be paid arrears: The last batches that passed out when the struggle started will also benefit.  Encourage your friends to check their account balance regularly.

  • Save while you earn: Twelve months will come and go like the rain, the program is not forever, it will surely come to an end. Where will you fall at? Would you beg your parents or friends for pocket money? Or would you beg for money to attend Job interview? The Favor market awaits you as you pass out.

  • All Corps members are advised to Apply for the Next N-power Recruitment: To lessen the impact of unemployment and the waiting time that comes with it, before securing a job, you are encourage to apply for the next N-power recruitment in few months to come. Related https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-2020-2021-recruitment-in-progress-apply-her
  • Many Corpers got the N-power job even before they pass out. Don’t be left out. Tract the latest recruitments in our website: myeduproject.com.ng

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