Npower Stipends: Volunteers will be paid in Few days’ Time-Sadiya Umar. See

Npower Stipends: Volunteers will be paid in Few days’ Time-Sadiya Umar: In what appeared to be a cover up, the minister has come up with another promise to pay volunteers in few days’ time , she did not specify if It will be Saturday or Sunday or even Monday, but in few days’ time, all volunteers will smile

She made this statement during the distribution of palliative and stimulus packages in the FCT as the world sets to celebrate the end of ramadan- a Muslim feast. See

Volunteers have hoped to get bank alerts early this week as promised by Umar Sadiya but waited in vain and pain. Not a sound was heard, and no reason giving

Confirmed by her twitter page handle. She did not explain why she raised the hopes of volunteers last week, only to dashed them to the ground carelessly

Npower Stipends: Volunteers will be paid in Few days’ Time-Sadiya Umar

Volunteers have wondered if stipends will come when after the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Uamr Sadiya made a failed and empty promise last week

But hopes have now rekindled, in few days’ time, volunteers would smile again. Apparently, many financial institutions may not resume till 27th of May, but in recent times, stipends were paid on Sunday when volunteers least expect

While bashing the honorable minister with ill-mannered words, destructive criticisms, and erotic online protests, the bulk of the fault might not be instigated or related to her, the Federal Government might have queries to answer


If sadiya can keep to her words to pay in few days’ time, preferable by Saturday or Sunday, she might win the trust of volunteers one more time- a volunteer suggests. see

For now, all volunteers could do, is to wait patiently, in few days’ time, the Government might smile at volunteers

Project Permanency: 7 Scary but Interesting facts Starring at Volunteers as June Surfaces

The month of June 2020 has been set as the exit month for Npower Batch A volunteers, this was disclosed by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Umar Sadiya Umar

Watch Video of this statement here:


Apparently, the minister did not say or give full information on the proposed exit of Batch A volunteers, making volunteers scared and left in the dark

The recent happenings in stipends delay with countless numbers of lies and insincerity from the honorable minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar, has put a negative energy in the hope of Batch A volunteers

It won’t amaze any sensible mind of the plan to exit volunteers into the street or with A GEEP loan that won’t come easy for volunteers. see

The covi-19 pandemic might have wreaked havoc in the 2020 financial spending plans of the Federal Government, the dwindling revenue and low price of oil in the market have crippled what is left in the Federal Government coffer

Sources have disclosed that, the Federal Government is Struggling to Pay volunteers stipends

Money used to pay stipends came from unplanned source, making it hard for government to sustain spending on the programme, hence the delay of stipends

The exit of Batch A into permanency next month might not be realistic, going by the recent happening of things both from the side of the Federal Government and the Massive corruption under the National Social Investment Programme headed Sadiya Umar

Lately some group asked the Minister to resign and vacate her office on an account of mismanagement of funds, but was decried by the minister

Will Batch A be Exited into Permanency come JUNE?

This is a “one-million-dollar question” with rhetorical answers. The move for permanency has been on for now, the Senate and Reps are still talking about it slowly without much interest.

There are many senators and House of Reps members that are in full support of the Npower programme going permanent

Permanency is 100% Possible-Leaving Volunteers in their PPA with Increased Pay

This might be the permanency the FG is cooking long ago, inculcating 200,000 young souls into the Federal Civil Service is a mission impossible

But leaving them in their various Place of Primary Assignment might just be the easier way out. This scenario may play out as the below facts are not easy to come by

Law makers

However, relying on the lawmakers to move on permanency, is liken to be the story of the “Israelites leaving Egypt”, it will take time, batch A would have been ascertain a permanent appointment with the Federal Government, if it had the backings of the Law makers since 2016  

Npower Volunteers Not Collaborating with Stakeholders

Npower Volunteers are not grounded with powerful and influential men to lobby and lure law makers to move on permanency, beneficiaries of the programme careless more of the stipends more than its future

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps become a realty via stakeholders who lured and lobby the law makers and the executive, if same method was done to Npower, volunteers would have gotten their employment latter long ago

Umar Sadiya Farouq Can not Deliver Permanency

With all the dramas happening, it is crystal clear the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, is not interested in the plight of volunteers’ welfare and stipends

With close to three months of unpaid stipends, why would she care to permanent volunteers and pay them permanently?

Hoping on Umar Sadiya on project permanency is liken to the proverbial snake, in a green grass, whose countenance is greatly feared by even powerful and stronger animals in the forest

Volunteers Might Be Given GEEP Loan as Exit Package

If this turns out to be so, it will not be easy to come by with, as GEEP loan are not meant for redundant and unexperienced entrepreneurs

A look at those on GEEP loan will tell you the experience and trauma that comes with it, not only will be loans be guided by stringent conditions but may drain the youths who are not ready for business

FG is Hiding Something: No Visible plans for Volunteers

After years of planning exit package with states and stakeholders, no single plan has surfaced, not a sign to see the government preparedness and willingness

The FG is struggling with this, but little did volunteers notice it, it will take a miracle for a massive plan within a shot time to accommodate 200,000 into productive ventures

We moved to A Ministry Hence the delay- Npower Apologies

In a new wave of protest, anxiety and names calling, npower management via face book handle has come out to blame the new ministry moved into recently as the main cause of the delay

Volunteers of the propramme have been promised to be paid their stipends early this week, but to no avail even as we speak

Apparently, a handful of Nopwer volunteers are yet to collect their March stipends, yet no news of relief is coming from the government

Volunteers have blamed the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Umar sadiya, being the head of the ministry

The Battered minister had promised last week to pay volunteers their outstanding stipends, her words are yet to yield fruit as volunteers now see her as a “lying machine”, not to be trusted

In this perilous covid-19 pandemic, volunteers were left to surfer more, even when their stipend is due,

The total lockdown experienced in some states came without warnings and Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq abandoned volunteers sheepishly

Npower volunteers had to wait until towards the middle or end of the next month before receiving their stipends. A sad situation, which might blackmail buhari’s integrity towards creating and sustaining jobs and the entire APC manifestoes.

According to WIKIPEDIA,” her total incompetence and ineptitude in the Npower programme can be proven in several ways. As at 21th of May 2020, Sadiya Umar is yet to pay the beneficiaries’ stipends of the month of March and April 2020 when the world is witnessing a full blown Pandemic of the Corona Virus outbreak”- An outrage accountable leaders and governments would have queried


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