Npower Stipend: Payment will commence soon-Again Npower Assured. See

Npower Stipend: Payment will commence soon-Again Npower Assured: Volunteers of the npower programme have once again raised their concerns over late payment of stipends

While a handful of volunteers are yet to see their March Stipends, April stipend is already due, yet no news or communication to why the delay lingers. See

It could be recalled, the minister of the minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, warned all volunteers to expect constant delay in payment of stipends, siting verification procedures and protocols (bureaucracy) that must be followed before payment is made

As usual, many volunteers have taken to the official Facebook handle of Npower, pleading and requesting for prompt payment of April’s stipend. But was promised to be rest assured, payment would be made soon

Volunteers recognized the benefit of early payment of stipend as it alleviates sufferings, not just from volunteers but from relatives and loved once connected to volunteers

Abdul Hamid Musa, a volunteer of the programme, in his correct and precise words

“Remember paying npower volunteers on time will also reduce many sufferings in this situation we are facing, because every volunteer has one or more persons that benefit from the stipend, cutting across the 774 Local government Areas of the Country. This programme is the best so far the federal government has come up with, and has no bias or self-centered interest”


Abdul Hamid Musa went on to plead with the coordinators of the programme to have motherly heart on volunteers”.

The official Facebook handle of the Npower programme representing Mr. Afolabi, replied by assuring Volunteers

In his response:



Abdul Hamid Musa We do understand your plight and we sincerely apologize for the delays thus far. Also, be assured that you will be paid. Thank you

Seemingly, a volunteer named Kola Philips asked when payment will be made, but was told, payment will commence soon.

Kola Philips

Npower, please when do we expect our April Stipend? The prices of foodstuffs are getting higher everyday


Payment will commence soon, thank you for your patience.


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