Npower Programme: How To Download PPA/Upload Acceptance Letter

Npower Programme: How To Download PPA/Upload Acceptance Letter: After your deployment has been confirmed, proceed to the next face of the recruitment by downloading your deployment (PPA) letter and uploading your Acceptance Letter

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How To Download PPA Deployment Letter From Nasims

  1. Visit your Nasims Portal:
  2. Click on Download PPA Deployment Letter
  3. Print and filled all the required information accordingly

How To Upload Acceptance Letter

  • After Successful Download of the PPA/deployment letter,
  • You are to take it to your assigned supervisor at your place of primary assignment not exceeding three days from the date of printout.
  • Your assigned supervisor will screen your documents and tick the accepted or rejected box,
  •  If you are accepted, you are to re-upload the acceptance letter to your NASIMS portal again.
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