Npower Permanency: Volunteers Protest Disengagement without Transition into Civil Service-AIT (Video)   

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The npower world Press Conference held in illorin, Kwara state capital, is hitting the polity lately

In an Exclusive broadcast by Africa Independent Television (AIT), Exited volunteers were shown protesting for their right and holding the government accountable for disengagement

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  1. The initiative and the efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria about the Npower scheme are well appreciated and commendable. I consider their capabilities about the programme so far to be a right step in the right direction.
    Any input made without any justifiable output renders the whole process and the efforts futile. In addition, promises without any immediate tangible outcome could create room for enormity of doubts, distrust and lack of confidence in the minds of the public about the government and its governance. However, the government could be thriving to ensure and guarantee fufilled promises in the end upon the economic and security challenges militatng against smoothly planned governmental administration. Notwithstanding, the public might not comprehend and realize it from the same perspective because it is said that “seeing is believing”. Rather, it could be viewed that the government is indecisive, and therefore lacks vision and administrative acumen to pilot the affairs of the country or to channel polices made towards the right direction.
    Specifically, to clear all manner of doubts and uncertainties harboured by the public about the exited Npower batch A and batch B, Federal Government of Nigeria should honour their promises to the exited volunteers by implementing them. I therefore, urge them to make their promises realizable and achievable at the earliest possible time so that the volunteers can contribute to national development.
    Thanks a lot for your understanding!


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