Npower October 1st Mega Protest: 10 Facts Volunteers Must know

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Npower October 1st Mega Protest: 10 Facts Volunteers Must know: The Humanitarian Minister had been dishing promises lately, exited volunteers are not giving the absorption of volunteers into Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government any Chance of failure

Volunteers had and still using this strategy (Protest) to force the government to adopt friendly policies regarding the programme

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The year 2020 recorded massive protests in some states and the Federal Capital City of Abuja which is aimed at retaining (permanency) volunteers in their Various PPAs

MEGA PROTEST, tagged “Master of All Protest” (MAP) was used to stormed Abuja but the government responded poorly to it

The SIT-IN IN ABUJA Protest held 26th of August 2020, was a huge success and a steppingstone for further protests


Disengaged volunteers from the 36 states and the FCT took to Abuja city by surprise for a SIT-IN IN ABUJA protest. A protest that will last till October 2020

Seemingly, the 1st October protest, will have a different view, adequate preparation and plan have been made to reach wide audience

There are Ten facts all volunteers must know before the protest

Volunteers Have Sought to seek Police Permission for the Protest

Volunteers have already sort police permission and injunction to press on with the protest, there will be no need to be afraid of harassment or intimidation from a law enforcement agency


All our protests and activities during the protest must be PEACEFULL, however, the Nigeria Police Force, has given some “precautions and No-go areas”:

  • No weapon(s) is allowed in areas of protest
  • No destruction of public properties
  • No use of ill words or tantrums
  • Volunteers Must come with ID card and must wear Facemask
  • There shall be no fireworks
  • No meddling with opposition parties

Letters of the Protest Have Been Forwarded to Higher Authorities

“An Open letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Copied to the Vice President, the Senate President, Speaker House of Representative and Ministries

Our letters were received in the following offices:

Office of The National Assembly Clerk.

Office of Accountant General of the Federation.

Federal Ministry of Justice.

National Human Right Commission.

Federal Ministry of Empowerment, Labour and Productivity.

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management.

Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport Development

Office of The President.

Office of The Vice President.

Office of The Senate President.

Office of The Speaker House of Representative.

Some Media Houses Have Been Contacted

“A Freelance journalist that has connection with AIT and Thisday Newspaper were reached for wider outreach.

Some copies of the Open Letter, Handbill, and flyer have been given to them, all assurance of proper coverage was made

SAHARA REPORTER and other media outlet have promised to air our protest also.

Hundreds of Social and Digital Media Users, Bloggers, and Free press (Reuters) are on ground to do the needful    

Uniforms and Identity Card Must be Used

All Volunteers must wear N-power uniforms (Npower Uniforms and Caps) and Id card must be in all volunteers’ possessions

There may likely be Revolution protest from other groups, this will differentiate Npower volunteers from other protesters

Npower State Executive will brief volunteers on this and other preparations and warnings

The “SIT-IN IN ABUJA” protest will be a long and precise one, not until the president addresses the situation himself, disengaged volunteers will not step an inch out of the Federal Capital territory Protesting Volunteers will take along, for themselves blankets, stoves, cooking Utensils, Buckets, and Media outlets

There Will Be A Revolution Protest-Led by Sowore

This may not interfere with our demands and protest, since location and time will be different

Revolution protest is aimed against Poor Governance, Corruption, Hike in Fuel Price, Hike Electricity Bills, and others

The Npower Protest is centered on Permanency (absorption in MDAs)

The use of Npower Uniforms and Id card with police guidance will go along way differentiating us from other protest


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