N-power Batch A, B & C: Recap of Past Events and Expectations Within 2020

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N-power Batch A & B: Recap of Past Events and Expectations Within 2020: Year 2020 has many flaws and weaknesses in policy formulations and implementation regarding the Npower programme among law makers and the entire Federal Government

The Covid-19 pandemic brought its set-back and total halt of the global economy become real, and Nigeria was not speared in its rapacious activities

The Npower programme came with a lot of surprises, Volunteers of the Government Scheme went through a lot under the HumanitarianuHhhHHh Ministry. A cluster head, Mr. Afolabi left the hem of affairs of the Npower Programme

History became legend, and legend become Myth, and  for close to 40 months, Batch A comprising 200,000 persons were exited in June 2020, and in the month of July same year,  batch B’s were disengaged and relieved of their service

A Recap of Events In 2020 So Far

Constant Delay of Stipends without Good Explanation

Stipends became miracle when it is paid, volunteers hardly see stipends due at month end. This trend has continued and as we speak, months of backlogs and outstanding are still not paid to some exited Volunteers


We can simply put, since Umar Sadiya Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development cam on-board as the head of the Npower Scheme, stipends delay became a “ recurring event”, nothing was done it correct it

Volunteers must protest, haul insults, throw tantrums and make mockery of the situations before alert will be triggered- A move not healthy for a government that promised to lift 100 million persons out of poverty

Sudden Exit and Both Batch A and B without Preplanned Package

Batch A had spent 40 months and Batch 24 months, no one thought both batches would end this year, considering the how batch A had stayed.

Batch A’s were left thus this far to score cheap political point. And the same government won the 2019 presidential Election, having assured volunteers of permanency, which was not materialized


The Sudden exit came without a pre-arranged package. One will think, before such action was taken, an exit plan or package would have been pre-arranged for all volunteers

But the scenario was far different, the Federal Government through the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development came up with Transition, meant to absorb interested volunteers in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)

Batch C (400,000 Volunteers) Registration Came into Light

Batch C registration started late June, spanned through the month of July, and officially ended second week of August 2020. More than Five (5) Million Applications were received and confirmed

Only 400,000 applicants will make it through to the on-boarding process, a rigid procedure is already in place to screened out applications 

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq is pleased to conduct a Free, Fair and Credible recruitment

In no distant time, further instructions will be made known as to the next stage of the recruitment exercise

Applicants are advised to stay tuned to the official page of the programme to get genuine information

Nigerians have welcomed the launch of the Batch C as it would avail the same opportunity to other young Nigerians to learn a skill as well as earn stipends.

Massive Protests Occurred this Year

The year 2020 recorded massive protests in some states and the Federal Capital City of Abuja,

The Humanitarian Minister had been dishing promises without fulfilling any, exited volunteers are not giving the absorption of volunteers into Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government any Chance of failure

Volunteers had and still using this strategy to force the government to adopt friendly policies regarding the programme like retaining volunteers in their Various PPAs

MEGA PROTEST, tagged “Master of All Protest” (MAP) was used to stormed Abuja but the government responded poorly to it

The SIT-IN IN ABUJA Protest held 26th of August 2020, was a huge success and a steppingstone for further protests

Disengaged volunteers from the 36 states and the FCT took to Abuja city by surprise for a SIT-IN IN ABUJA protest. A protest that will last till October 2020

Volunteers have already sort police permission and injunction to press on with their demand

The “SIT-IN IN ABUJA” protest will be a long and precise one, not until the president addresses the situation himself, disengaged volunteers will not step an inch out of the Federal Capital territory Protesting Volunteers took along, for themselves blankets, stoves, cooking Utensils, Buckets, and Media outlets

“An Open letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Copied to the Vice President, the Senate President, Speaker House of Representative and Ministries”:

Our letters were received in the following offices:

Office of The National Assembly Clerk.

Office of Accountant General of the Federation.

Federal Ministry of Justice.

National Human Right Commission.

Federal Ministry of Empowerment, Labour and Productivity.

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management.

Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport Development

Office of The President.

Office of The Vice President.

Office of The Senate President.

Office of The Speaker House of Representative.

“A Freelance journalist that has connection with AIT and Thisday Newspaper came around. He said he got information about our peaceful protest and decided to come around. He got a copy of the Open Letter, Handbill, and flyer.

changing of dates because of the request of other states makes some not opportune to be present on that 26, but is a mega peaceful protest till the first week of September so those close to Abuja should come down please the struggle continue”

Mr. Omoulukwe Afolabi lost Control of the Npower programme

One of the cluster heads of the Npower programme, Mr. Omoulukwe Afolabi, a man of purpose and vision, enriched with leadership qualities and wisdom, position utilizing solid background in the management of Npower, meticulously designed the non-graduate categories of the programme to suit the taste of skillful youths

One of his major aspiration during his time as a cluster head of the programme is the retainment of volunteers in the PPAs

Mr Afolabi has been a strong pillar and advocacy for permanency, and has spearheaded moves for retaining and absorbing volunteers into meaningful programmes

“Your Permanency Hinged on the Re-election of Buhari”: Why worry to ask me about continuity?

So why worry to ask me about permanency? So why worry to ask me about when the next batch will be?

Why worry about when the portal will be opened, why worry to ask me about when devices will be.

I mean as in honestly why worry to ask me when the answers to those questions are related and hinged on the re-election of Mr.” Words of Mr Afolabi before the 2019 presidential Election

Wole Diya- Member Federal House of Representatives calls for permanency

Wole Diya, representing Shomolu federal constituency in the Federal House of Representatives calls for permanency of all npower volunteers.

This move is coming at a time, when beneficiaries are stranded and confused on the exit plan prepared by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development headed by Hajia Sadiya Farouq

Wole Diya who is agitating for permanency disclosed that, giving young mind a sense of belonging, is the best thing the federal government could do to tide the issue of insecurity bedeviling the nation.

He stressed the need of actively encouraging the youths via Permanency in their various PPA as a national pride, thus creating an atmosphere of peace and stability

What it means is that, if this move scales through, we will see massive declined in restiveness among young people.

Wole Diya was not left on the dark as other members of the Federal House of Representative shared his sentiment on the matter.

Senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau Backed Npower Permanency Bill 2020

Senator representing Bauchi south senatorial districts lawal yahaya gumau speaks on npower permanency bill, he is proposing for the adoption and creation of agency for National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

Being the chairperson, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, he suggested the absorption of all npower beneficiaries, in all categories into the civil service to curb the rising unemployment crisis in the country.

As the Chairman, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau wants Nigerian Youths to be productive and engaged.

To tide in the problems of national insecurity, the country must empower her youths.  This must come from the Federal Government; the country must rise to her responsibility and put an end to youth restiveness-the senator added.

Any nation who fails to explore and empower her youths, is setting on a time bomb. The federal government must show sincere courage and will, to massively invest in her youths. Anything short of this, will spell doom for the nation

The motion was seconded and supported by more than half of the 9th senate. If this motion scales through, it will see many youths, from all works of life engaged. Actively empowered not just to provide food for the nation, but to empower others, thus curbing unemployment

Expectation from the Government

Transitioning Volunteers into Productive ventures

Hajiya Sadiya Farouq,  said “We have commenced the transitioning of beneficiaries from Batches A and B into government entrepreneurship schemes and engaging private sector bodies to absorb some of the beneficiaries after the completion of psychometric assessment to determine competency and placement into various opportunities

Exited Volunteers are already keeping an Eagle eye, waiting for “transition Plan”, protest will follow to drive this aim to its “promised land”

See Batch A & B will thank me for Transition/We Approved July Stipends & Backlogs/Batch C will be Treated Well-Sadiya(Video)

Sequel to the announcement made by Hajiya Sadiya Farouq, on the Transition of Volunteers into various opportunities.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has commenced the transitioning of volunteers of Batch A and B into government entrepreneurship schemes and engaging private sector bodies to absorb some of the volunteers after the completion of psychometric assessment to determine competency and placement into various opportunities.

“The N Power Programme Managers and the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, in a bid to ensure that Batch A and B Beneficiaries are exited into self-reliant programmes is engaging relevant MDAs (CBN, BOA and BOI) to explore opportunities to support those intending to go into Entrepreneurship”

The Message Read thus:

“The Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has commenced the disengagement of NPower Batch A and B, who have been on the scheme since 2016 and 2018.

The Ministry is requesting for names, email, phone numbers of all those NPower volunteers who had earlier exited the NPower programme before now, their sector of engagement and reason for their early exit.

The Ministry is also working out plans with CBN, BOI, BOA, on various opportunities that would enable exiting NPower beneficiaries to be self-reliant and have consequently requested interested NPower volunteers, to forward to the focal person their email, addresses, names and phone numbers.

In keeping with the state COVID19 guidelines on public gathering, NPower volunteers are expected to send in their details to States Focal Officers

There is no way they said, online forms should be filled, rather all volunteers are mandated to visit their states and confirmed from Focal Persons


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