Npower November Protest: Drop Your Signature in Support Using the #tag

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Npower November Protest: Drop Your Signature in Support Using the #tag: We need your Signatures using the #tag with any of the offices mentioned below; we will forward same to the offices tagged for consideration and plea


Fill in your emails

Log into the comment box, with any of the below comment

  • We need permanency @Federal Ministry of Justice
  • Provide us with jobs @ Office of the President, Save our Souls etc

Post your comment your comment in the comment box and send. We will receive it bombard the tagged offices with your signatures

The Humanitarian Minister had been dishing promises of absorbing volunteers into MDAs, exited volunteers are not giving the absorption of volunteers into Ministries, Departments and Agencies of government any Chance of failure


Volunteers have forwarded letters of the Protest to Higher Authorities for consideration, we need volunteers to sign signatures to boast our popularities in these offices, and our numerical strength might do the magic

All is set to embark on a massive protest by Npower disengaged Volunteers, to call on the government to plead to the government to fufils her promises in absorbing volunteers into MDAs

Seemingly, the 12th November protest, will have a different view, adequate preparation and plan have been made to reach a wide audience

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Letters of the Protest Have Been Forwarded to Higher Authorities

“An Open letter to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Copied to the Vice President, the Senate President, Speaker House of Representative and Ministries

Our letters were received in the following offices:

Office of the National Assembly Clerk

Office of Accountant General of the Federation

Federal Ministry of Justice

National Human Right Commission

Federal Ministry of Empowerment, Labour and Productivity

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management

Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport Development

Office of the President

Office of the Vice President

Office of the Senate President

Office of the Speaker House of Representative



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