NPower Nexit NASIMS (NNN) Program Update 2021 to Batch A/B/C1/C2


Npower Nexit Training in a few days time

5 months Backlog Payment on course

NASIMS- Batch C1- Portal to come back normal

Batch C stream 2 of 490,000 Captured in 2022 Budget

Npower Nexit Training

This is to inform all batch A and B volunteers consisting of over 500,000 persons, there is progress and good news coming forth in few days time regarding the Nexit training


The good news is that instructors and facilities, and modalities are currently in place to deliver smooth and robust training, follow by fund disbursement

See How to Check Npower NEXIT CBN Loan Training Shortlist 2021

FG is planning the largest and biggest fund disbursement ever to batch A and B- see this

FG is desperately aggressive in lifting over 100 Nigerians out of poverty, the government is massively addressing youth unemployment via suitable programmes


The Humanitarian minister (Umar Sadiya) is having sleepless night and restless days to make sure the Nexit training come out as planned

Instead of throwing jabs and tantrums, you are to remember the government in your thought and prayers

5 months Backlog Payment on course

Many volunteers have still not gotten their backlog of 150,000 naira as promised, that should not make you panic as the matter is currently being sorted out with the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation

There are plans to pay the backlog in batches, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Bashir Nura Alkali, has cleared the air regarding the backlog payment owed to over 9000 batch A and B volunteers, these lump sum would be paid as from 4th of October

See Nexit Loan Programme: How to Prepare For Training (Accessing Manual)

All we know is that backlogs will be settled within the month of October. N150, 000.00 each will be paid to 9,066 volunteers, representing 5 months allowances,

The stipend of 4,955 volunteers currently withheld, will be paid also, bank verification and account scrutiny is ongoing, stay relax, as far as you are not a government worker, your money will come swiftly

NASIMS- Batch C1- Portal to come back normal

There are complexity and challenges confronting batch C stream 1 beneficiary and the unresponsiveness of the Nasims web portal dashboard:

Printing/downloading of PPA/Deployment Latter

Change of PPA

Redeployment to mention but a few

NASIMS has apologized for these flaggings, massive work is currently ongoing on the site to restore all features in the web portal

According to NASIM (pic), over 800 logins occur every second in their portal, hence the constant slowdown and unresponsiveness of the site

Batch C stream 1 beneficiaires are to start with PPA while the issues are sorted out, no official date is set for this, but in no distant time, an update will be made

Batch C stream 2 of 490,000 Captured in 2022 Budget

Batch C stream 2 applicants are to wait a little longer, as spending relating to this is captured in the 2022 Budget

N300Billion has been budgeted for the National Social Investment Programme for the 2022 fiscal year

Batch C stream 2 is a part of this plan, applicants must wait till next year for meaningful progress on this

This is inculcated in the N510B Service Wide Votes (SWV) to cater for National Poverty Reduction with Growth Strategy (N300 billion)

Others are additional provision of N510 billion in the Service Wide Votes to cater for National Poverty Reduction with Growth Strategy (N300 billion),

“Police Operations Fund (N50 billion), Hazard Allowance for Health Workers (50 billion),

“Public Service Wage Adjustments (additional N80 billion), and MDAs’ Electricity Bills Debt (additional N37 billion); and additional Capital provision of N1


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