Npower: Lawmakers to Give Legal Backings to Npower & NSIP-Dailytrust

Npower: Lawmakers to Give Legal Backings to Npower & NSIP-Dailytrust: The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, says the House will provide strong legislation and codify the Social Investment Programmes (SIPs). See

He said the programmes are now subjected to whims and caprices of some few people in charge. Gbajabiamila was quoted in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Lanre Lasisi while speaking at a web interactive session (webinar) organized by the Emmanuel Chapel on Friday.

He said the House would soon introduce a bill that would codify government’s Social Investment Programme (SIP) to give it legal backing. See

“As leaders, we must respond like we are at war. Lives have been disrupted. Talking about social security, we have before now and even till now that is akin to that in Nigeria today is Social Investment Programme (SIP) where we have the N-Power, Moni Trader, the Conditional Cash Transfer, the School Feeding Programme and a wide variety of other programs but unfortunately, they have not been codified”

“So, basically these are left to the whims and caprices of whoever is in charge to determine who gets what. So, it’s been something that’s not statutory, it’s not codified, budgeted for but again it depends on who’s handling it at the appointed time.”

 “What the House is doing now, and in the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing a robust codification and sanction of the SIP in Nigeria that will take care of the poor and the vulnerable”

“That’s the standard, it’s for the poor and the vulnerable, it would codify and define who is poor and who is vulnerable, and the geographical spread would be determined by law,” he said.


The Speaker said the introduction and passage of the first Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill and the Control of Infectious Diseases Bill, as well as the second Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill which is about to be introduced, were all meant to successfully steer the country out of troubled waters that might follow the pandemic.


Streamlining police will be well defined Soon

The honorableminister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Umar Saidya Farouq will clear the air soon

The agenda for the briefing is not yet clear, but source close to the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) disclosed streamlining talked about last two weeks, will come into light


The minister promised to streamline the programme after paying all stipends due to volunteers, many volunteers have received their may Stipends

A leaked information from the current engagement, spokesperson for the humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development ministry Rhoda Iliya, said in a statement 400,000 new volunteers will be included in the programme

Making it close to a Million volunteers, the Largest in Africa.

“the administration’s vision of lifting 100 million people out of poverty by creating opportunities to enhance the productivity of the Nigerian youth is much on course”.

Although Illiya confirmed that the government is working on the good exit plan for the beneficiaries, she did not give a specific date or month.

 “We are still working on an exit plan for Batch A,” Illiya told correspondent, “But there is no specific date for exit.”

According to her, there is not date fix yet, and an exit plan is currently being worked out, there is no need to worry

While a handful of Volunteers are yet to receive their March, April and even May stipends, the matter is currently being solved. All volunteers will be paid their entitlement before the week runs out

Affected volunteers are to email their details to NPVN, where reconciliation will be done. Apparently, new entrant of 400,000 person will also be discussed.

Highlights and Agenda of the Broadcast will include:

  • Streamlining of Npower beneficiaries- Volunteers Currently Serving
  • Date for New Registration of Batch C (400,000)
  • The future of Npower as a Programme
  • How Batch A will be Exited or Retained

Volunteers’ Protests Reached Higher Authorities, Same Should be Applied for Permanency

  • The Repentant Sadiya Umar
  • More social media protest should be encouraged
  • We should sing out permanency like a song to higher authorities, Lawmakers
  • Fast and Pray, there is power in prayers, lets involve God in this

Who said peaceful protest don’t solved problems? The constant delay in paying Npower volunteers have ended, all thanks to volunteers who used all the media channels as a weapon to draw higher authorities to our plight

Suddenly, the month of May ended few hours ago, and volunteers started receiving Alerts within 10 hours. Perhaps, the hon. minister has repented.

In what appeared to be tricks used to delay volunteers of their hard-earned stipends, the month of June is far different, volunteers were shocked as alerts for May hit their phones

 The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development Umar Sadiya Farouq promised to pay may stipends earlier, but volunteers took her words with a pinch of salt

She paid April stipends late but promised to be processing May stipends, and at last it came but least expected

More social media protests should be encouraged

there is power in the social media, it could draw the attention of government to the plight of volunteers, not just that, social media can correct the abnormalities perpetrated by heartless government officials

as the quest of permanency intensified, the only weapon available to us right now, is protests and agitation via social and digital media, volunteers should not expect easy way out.

Breakthrough don’t come easy, it takes time, strength, wisdom etc, apparently, volunteers are now clever with wisdom. We should not wait and react to threats, rather being proactive is the way out

Permanency must come with the right mindset

Volunteers should not relent in their quest for permanency, the nation has the resource to keep you there and increase your pay two times

In a country where lawmakers receive over N30M monthly, she is capable to take care of the poor and vulnerable for life

The way and manner volunteers protest for stipends, such should be used for permanent appointment

Involving God in Project Permanency

There is nothing God cannot do, with him, all things are possible. Volunteers should seek the face of God in the quest for permanency

Ask, it shall be given unto you, seek, yea shall find and knock, the door will be opened unto you, the holy book said

Unpaid March & April Stipends: We’re Reconciling Mixed Data-Afolabi

The data bank of the Npower beneficiaries is undergoing reconciliation, and after which affected volunteers will be settled according, Afolabi assured unpaid volunteers

A handful of beneficiaries of the programme both batch A and B did not get their entitlement for the said months due to mixture of data, being reconciled as we speak

What caused the mixture of data is yet to be known apparently, but all we know is that, in no distant time, all affected volunteers will be paid any time from now

Affected Volunteers need not to panic of their stay in the programme, they are still in the programme, we are doing all we could to reconcile all our data before May stipend starts rolling

There have been rumor circulating the corner of purported winch hunt of volunteers, who criticized or complained about the poor and ineptitude of some quarters of the Npower programme  

No one will hold your stipends because you criticized cluster heads of the npower programme- the statement added

Npower: Disengagement of 500,000 Volunteers, PDP Mocked APC

They promised to provide jobs to 100 million Nigerians, yet they are sending 500,000 home without pay-Opposition party mocked All Progressive Congress

The buhari administration had promised to lift 100million Nigerians out of poverty, if 500,000 poor youths are lay-off, national security would be jeopardized.

“If eventually disengaged, the number of people that will be rendered jobless will compound Nigeria’s already bad unemployment figures.

The last official figures released by Nigeria’s statistics office put the unemployment rate at 23.1%. Labour minister Chris Ngige said that figure could rise to 33.5 this year”

In what appeared to be a mockery, one of the leading opposition party, slammed the purported action of the Federal government to disengage 500,000 Npower Volunteers within the month of May

The honorable minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Umar Saidya Farouq is yet to Confirm the headline on the news

Volunteers are advised to shun the disengagement rumor, as only the Fderal Government has the power and will to lay-off Npower Volunteers

On Wednesday, a leading national daily, broke the news of disengagement of 500,000 Npower beneficiaries, haven’t spent more the required period in the programme, the newspaper added

Many volunteers received the news with shock, warning the Government not to take such action, for general interest of the nation

More so, Batch B is yet to complete the two years contract, why would they be thrown out? Making the news over disengagement a fake one

The programme is what APC can boast of as for new, since the Party assumed office in 2015, if it failed, the government of APC has failed, volunteers alleged

Apparently, the honorable minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Umar Saidya Farouq is yet to Confirm the headline on the news

Volunteers are advised to shun the disengagement rumor, as only the Fderal Government has the power and will to lay-off Npower Volunteers

There is long term plan to exit beneficiaries from the programme with good exit package or permanency to another engagement.


  1. Why streamlining and recruiting because of selfish interest of people in power so that they can now come with their families and replace then with party royalist. Atiku oncce said Npower leg in leg out. we all knows that they have to pave way, but settlement plans should come first before exit plan. Young Greduates of future hope, where is the hope for the graduates if they are ask to go. Graduates they are not farmers what a hope.


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