Npower June 26, 2020 Recruitment: Requirements for Registration: N-power program is one of the Social Investment Programs (SIP) of the Buhari led administration; the largest in the continent of Africa, the program had empowered more than five hundred thousand (500,000) Nigerians.

“The online portal would be open to receive applications from noon on June 26, 2020 and will provide a level playing field for all applicants.

“As part of the Ministry’s reforms to make the programme more efficient, all applicants must supply their Bank Verification Number (BVN) in their application to ensure a streamlined and transparent selection process.”

400,000 are on the pipe, come June 2020, recruitment will start. Established in 2016 with about two hundred thousand (200,000) volunteers, the program can now boast of 500,000 volunteers as of 2019. Batch A 2016 consist of 200,000 volunteers while batch B of 2017 had 300,000 volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this article, we will answer most of the questions asked by applicants as pertaining the up and forth coming N-power 2020 recruitment, we often receive series of quires like:

What the program is all about

How to be selected in the 2020 recruitment?

Mistakes to Avoid


The best programme to register for.

When will the recruitment starts?

How to register for Npower

The official website for Npower


The Npower program consist of N-health, N-agro, N-teach, N-tax, N-build, N-tech which encompasses of software and hardware, some volunteers of N-build have finished their training and are contributing their quota to nation building.

Volunteers voluntarily choose from the programs, while some significant numbers of volunteers were taken to different programs for reasons best known to the officials of the program.

The buhari led government has promised to double the number to one million volunteers by the end 2023; this assurance was made at a political campaign rally by the vice president, Professor Yemi Osibanjo.

Almost 8 million Applicants applied for 2017 Recruitment. Only 300, 000 Selected

The recruitment saw large numbers of applicants, struggling with few available slots. How can one make the final list? And what are the challenges one needs to prepare for?

The both Batches (2016 & 2017) came, with a lot of challenges and mistakes in the side of applicants, many prospective applicants were disqualified for a lot of reasons.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is most likely one of the challenging hurdles to battle with, if applicants were to scale through the test segment of the program. Related

While some of the applicants Date-of-Birth in their Bank Verification Number (BVN) do not tally with the Date-of-Birth of their Bank Account Number (BAN), due to this, many applicants of 2017, batch B were disqualified.

How to be Selected and mistakes to Avoid

While there are NO automatic ways to be selected in the forthcoming 2020 recruitment, this article provides some help to prospective applicants who may be interested in the program, on how to scale through to the selection and final list without hitches.      

 To be selected:

To be successfully shortlisted in the pre-selection stage, you must answer all the questions within a short time, preferably if you could use 5 minutes to answer 30 or more questions, the better your chances of being selected.

 Only 18 years of age and above can register, the system will fetch out under aged or over aged applicants.

  N-power program is only for the unemployed graduates, civil servants both in the state and federal need not to apply as the system via BVN will expose them.

When writing the mandatory test, candidates are advised to use desk top computers or laptops, Ipad or phones with good internet connection to avoid hitches.

You are to proceed to device selection option and select your device immediately you finish you test.

Applicants are to keep their registration/ application number secretly, it will be used for reference when occasion demand for it.

Applicants Date-of-Birth on Bank Verification Number MUST tally with the Date-of-Birth on the Bank Account used.

Applicants Names on the Bank Verification Number MUST tally with the Names on the Bank Account Number.

Applicants must possess certificates from high institutions (like Bsc,Hnd,Nd,Msc etc.) O’level is out of the equation.

Applicants must write the mandatory test; the test encompasses questions drawn from different segments of the program.

Double registration is automatically disqualification, be warned

We advise applicants to:

Go for N-agro or N-teach, more people are needed there than N-tax and N-health for the graduate category.

For none graduates, you are advised to go creative, you might be selected than N-build.

How to Apply for N-power 2020 Recruitment

The 2020 registration is yet to start, the portal is NOT opened for new registration, our site will be updated when registration starts, and we will be the first to break the news, book mark this page for the latest information on N-power.

The official website for N-power

To get first-hand information, visit



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