Npower in 2020: Recap of Major Events & What to Come 2021

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N-power in January 2021:  Ten (10) Crazy Facts Steering at Volunteers 

The 2020 came with a lot of Surprises and happening, the Npower programme for both Batch A and B came to a sudden end with controversies from the  Federal Government through the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development

The Year 2021 will be a magnificent year with all the batches of Npower, the exited batch A and B, and the proposed batch C volunteers.

As we speak, the portal for Nxit is running, accepting application in hundreds of thousands for volunteers interested in the transitioning plan of the Federal Government

2021 will come with great expectation and will decide the fate of over 500,000 exited volunteers. If the Nexit CBN loan Affiliate programmes becomes fruitful, many volunteers will not be thrown in to the street to start life afresh

This article will uncover all the marvelous things to happen in days to come and how volunteers should prepare.

NExit Portal Will Be Closed in the Month of January 2021

As we speak, more than 200,000 exited volunteers have shown their interested in the nexit porgramme, registration started 30th of November 2020, span through the month of December to January 2021

All Federal and State Government recruitment programme have just six (6) weeks to accept application, Nexit will be no different, as the registration has entered it pick month

Any moment from January 2021, the Federal Government will closed its portal and kick start the transitioning process fully

Data released by the Nexit master web shows a poor turnout in the ongoing Nexit registration, a total of 500,000 volunteers are expected to participate in the Nexit CBN loan empowerment programme

First week of registration saw a poor turnout of registration. Only few, less than 80,000 as at 10th of December 2020, showed interest, meaning large numbers have not yet registered for the programme

Only 79,979 Volunteers have successfully registered for the Nexit CBN loan affiliate Programmes, many are still not convinced of the need to register, the Federal Government is committed in transiting Npower volunteers into sustainable economic ventures

Such that, young minds will not be pushed to the street jobless, the Humanitarian minister affirmed this by coming up with this plan

Meanwhile, some volunteers have complained of login issues and email activation/confirmation problem, which the ministry have advised affected volunteers to send their details to the support link provided

“A Portal that will enable Exited N-Power Beneficiaries to apply for Central Bank of Nigeria Empowerment Options has been launched by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development”

“The platform which was developed in collaboration with the CBN will enable Exited N-Power Beneficiaries to log on and apply for the various Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship options provided by the CBN”

“The NEXIT portal is to determine the suitability of the beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs and is dependent on meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN for the said programs”

“The Minister also emphasized that the NEXIT PORTAL will determine the suitability of the beneficiaries for the CBN affiliated programs”-Words of Umar Saidya Farouq (On Nov.30th, 2020, in FCT Abuja, Nigeria)

NEXIT CBN Affiliate Programme to Officially Commence Fully

A web Portal (website) has been launched to effectively collect all exited volunteers’ data regarding the various opportunities and programmes the CBN will unveiled in their affiliate programmes

The Loan Affiliate process will commence officially in a promising way come 2021, all volunteers will be required to choose business they are good in, and the Central Bank of Nigeria will do the Financing and monitoring

The Federal Government on Monday, 30th of November, 2020, through the office of the Umar Sadiya, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development launched a new site where exited Npower volunteers disengaged since June 2020 can apply for CBN’s loan

But the New site is massively receiving applications as claimed by Umar Sadiya, the head and custodian of the programme

More than 500,000 disengaged volunteers will register for the programme, within a limited period of time, for now, no specific date is fixed as deadline for registration

All exited volunteers are encouraged to partake in this exercise, as it will provide long term loan and financial support to volunteers in line with Federal Government “Ease of doing business”

The Central Bank of Nigeria will pioneer the loan; this is contained in a statement from the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development

The CBN Loan Affiliate schemes has three Captions: Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (3Es) programmes

Importance of the CBN Loan Affiliate Programmea that will be unveiled come 2021

It Is An Entrepreneurship And Private Sector Development

The Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (3Es) options is meant to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-development in the private sector domain, this initiative will help exited volunteers to be self-reliant and have business of their own after training and funding

Since government cannot absorb volunteers into the MDAs, giving volunteers the needed Skills, Training and Funds for Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development is a weapon to economic sustainability

It Will Reduce Labour markets Stress and Boast Complimentary Work

The Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship programmes will provide Favourable, Equal access and Job opportunities for Skilled and Unskilled, Men and Women, Weak and Strong etc

Thus, reduces the labour market burdens and further complimentary work effort by volunteers

Human capital, Social Protection and Rural development and Agriculture

The Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (3Es) options will pave way for jobs for hundreds of thousands of volunteers, therefor saving as social protection for unpaid volunteers

The Federal Government may not continue to give exited volunteers the 30,000 naira monthly stipends henceforth, but the Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (3Es) initiative will ensure that volunteers create wealth for themselves and employ others

More of the Economic, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship (3Es) will address rural development and Agriculture, thus mitigating food insecurity in Nigeria

Five Months Owed Backlogs will be paid in January 2021

Due to verification issues, more the 14, 200 unpaid volunteers could not be paid their 5 months owed backlogs, but the matter is already in the helms of affair with the Office of Accountant General of the Federation

Unpaid volunteers should worry not, Federal Allocation has been shared for the previous month, all is set to trigger payment to all legitimate volunteers dully affect by GIFMIS’s rejection

Though, the matter ought to have been settled December 2020, but some gray areas needed more clarification and attention

Umar Farouq had briefed volunteers owed 5 months backlog, this disclosure were made on her verified Twitter handle few months ago.

See Full Details and Precise Words of Umar Sadiya Farouq

“I consider it necessary to give status update regarding the outstanding arrears of stipend to the 14,200 N-power cohorts from Batch A and B,” the minister said.

“From the outset, the N-Power programme was designed to run for 24 months

 “Out of the 500,000 combined beneficiaries from Batch A and B only 14,200 have 5 months outstanding stipend arrears.

“The delay in the payment of the arrears arose due to platform migration from NIBSS to GIFMIS by the Office of Accountant General of the Federation in March 2020.

“From the consolidated list of beneficiaries we received from the OAGF in September, the 14,200 beneficiaries with arrears of stipend were flagged for receiving monthly payment from other MDAs, particularly from the NYSC.

“It is possible that the 14,200 beneficiaries used their NYSC allowance bank accounts for N-Power and GIFMIS payment platform picked them for double payment.

“We have initiated State verification process with State N-Power Focal Officers.

“The 14,200 affected beneficiaries will present their NYSC certificates for final verification after which we will present an updated list to OAGF to pay off their 5 months arrears.

“All legitimate claims and those on verified list will be paid before the end of the year”.

She said she has signed off payment of both Batch A and B. No longer in jurisdiction but at the office of the Accountant General

Because of the change in payment Platform, it was discovered that some names also appear in other government payment vouchers.

Hopefully, before month ends all beneficiaries should have their payment but no longer at her office.

They are in talks with MDAs, State government and Private sectors for absorption.
For Batch C, 5.1 million applied

Screening to commence soon as only those qualified will be engaged. And they must be ready to sign for the stipulated time frame of the program

Onboarding of New Entrant (400,000 new volunteers) Will Commence January 2021

The Batch C Npower Applicants will soon be on boarded in no distance time; the final list of applicants who are successful will be release in a few weeks’ time

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development has concludes all necessary arrangement to onboard Batch C applicant into the Npower Programme

A final Analyses is in check to ensure Federal Character is followed across the 36 states and FCT, the 300,000 prospective volunteers will come from all the states, as Federal Character is strictly adhered to

Lately, the Presidency doubled the number of batch C to One million to pave way for more volunteers into the programme, this has delayed the shortlisting process

Last month, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed said

“the Npower Initiative of the Federal Government is the largest Social Development programmes in Africa, and it had empowered over 500,000 volunteers with 400,000 (Batch C) coming in by December, 2020

Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information said, the Batch C prospective volunteers will be onboarded in the month of December 2020

N-power Batch C registration ended second week of August; the N-power official Facebook Handle confirmed this

More than five Million Applications were received and confirmed

Only 400,000 applicants will make it through to the on-boarding process, a rigid procedure is already in place to screened out applications 

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq is pleased to conduct a Free, Fair and Credible recruitment

Onboarding of the Batch C successful applicants might happen in the month of November as procedures are already in place to shortlist and commence batch C

No Hope for Device Selection and Pickup in January 2021 for Batch B   

The much-promised devices, might not come at all, any hope on devices is a “wishful thinking”

All beneficiaries should take to Mrs. sadiya’s twitter page and sing tirelessly of the much-promised devices


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