The Moment Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries Queue In Mass For Physical Verification

Npower C1 Beneficiaries Queue For Physical Verification

Beneficiaries of the Npower batch stream 1 defies the heavy downpour on Friday, the 10th day of September 2021 to participate in the Physical Verification exercise organized by NASIMS


Beneficiaries came Out in Mass for the Physical Verification, which is one of the criteria listed by NASIMS before uploading of acceptance letter or being incorporated into the NASIMS NSIP programme fully

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In Makurdi, the Benue State Capital, successful Batch C stream 1 beneficiary could not hold their joy, as they defy the heavy downpour to get themselves verified

The Physical Verification exercise is taking place in all the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigerian and Abuja

510,000 batch C stream 1 beneficiaries will take part in this exercise, which will last for 5 days or a week most



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