FMARDSPACE Update: Accountant General To Pay Enumerators Next Week

It was a win-win situation between the Fmardpace Enumerators and the AFJP coordinator who met to discussed issues bordering the Fmardpace Enumerators and AFJP Farmers with other lingering issues

The Meeting came to a fruitful end as the Office of the accountant general of the federation is ready for massive funds disbursement to farmers and enumerators

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“Payment of Enumerators is expected any moment from next week as it’s in the accountant general office for disbursement”

PRESS Release From the FMARDSPACE/ AFJP, September 09/ 2021

“In Attendance Were

The chairman of the association


Zonal coordinator from bauchi state

The representative of Nasarawa state

The representative of FCT

Representative of Kano state


The representative of plateau state

And two supporting staff of the AFJP including the National coordinator Dr. Andrew kwasari.

“The chairman, in the person of Abdulkarim Abubakar Adamu started with the introduction of the leadership team in attendance and present the following complaint that requires urgent attention to the National coordinator.

1. Delay of the Enumerators payment entirely in both the second level validation and some of the unpaid Enumerators during the first level validation

2. Provision of the zero interest agricultural input loan and the fertilizer subsidy grant to the Enumerated farmers

3. Payment for the soil sampling exercise

4. Engagement of Enumerators as extension workers by the federal ministry of agriculture and rural development.

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In response to the above complaints;

“The National coordinator of the AFJP project welcomes the leadership and appreciates their effort on spending both their time, energy, and resources on behalf of other Enumerators nationwide.

He moved by presenting evidence of letters forwarded to the accountant general office for payment, including the list of our fellow enumerators and their bio-data with the amount to pay for the validated surveys.,

From the information gotten he has been trying his best to ensure both the farmers and Enumerators are fully paid and the project is implemented the way it was planned

He added by saying, the interest of other people is what is sabotaging his effort and causing the delays because there are a lot of petitions at EFCC that no Enumeration was carried out across the nation.

He said, only he and the Enumerators can defend this. He lamented that, instead of the Enumerators to defend that Enumeration took place in their respective communities and states so that both the farmers and the Enumerators will be provided with their funds, some of the Enumerators are busy on media platforms contributing to those that are sabotaging the effort made.

The Enumerators in doing this keep addressing them with different sort of names and trying to tarnish their images (if you can recall back, months back our programs managers from the various states were been invited by EFCC to answer petition regard to the project) so this is what is actually causing the delay.,

But payment of (Enumerators entitlement) is expected any moment from next week as it’s in the accountant general office for disbursement

With regard to the Provision of the zero interest agricultural input loan and the fertilizer subsidy grant to the Enumerated farmers, on this, we don’t have a fixed time or date, as of before the agreement was made on sharing risk formula between CBN and Unity bank is (CBN70%: unity bank 30%) later on, a lot of complaints were raised by those sabotaging the project that the farmers will eventually not pay for the loan.

This made CBN decide to change the risk-sharing formulae to be (50:50) and the unity bank refused to agree, so about 15billion+ is at unity bank waiting for the agreement between the two parties, therefore for both the zero interest agricultural input loan and the fertilizer subsidy grant have no time to be disbursed until an agreement is arrived at and all the petition in EFCC are proved negative.

Soil sampling exercise will also be paid as far as your master trainer has submitted your name including the total number of samples collected because, the letter has passed the AFJP office to the Director extension at the ministry and permanent secretary of the ministry for approval to the accountant general office, and this is also expected to be done on or before the end of the month.

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With regard to the engagement of Enumerators as extension workers the national coordinator said he has no answers due to the threats on different media platforms they are seeing from our fellow Enumerators, he said he is not ready to involve himself in it again he will just do his best to ensure our entitlements are paid.,

But there are a lot of opportunities coming up from different private and international NGOs requesting extension workers from them”

Yours in Nation-building


National P.R.O Fmardpace Enumerators


  1. Our “prayer’s” we the farmer’s & enumerator’s is within the two (2.) parties, CBN & Unity bank is to have mutual understanding & negotiation between them about the issue’s 50:\50 or 70:\30 percent risk sharing formulae Agreement, that enable the beneficiary farmer’s & enumerator’s to have access to their fertilizer Grant subsidy, to Apply the oppurtunity in the Dry-season farming target, since, wet-season have already, past. approved: by the federal Government of Nigeria.

  2. No time for paying fertilizer subsidy, over one year we are waiting, ooo god half us, nigeria leaders always are layers


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