Npower Batch C: NASIMS Starts Kicking Out 50,000 Successful Applicants-How To Check Your Status

Recalled that batch C stream 1 shortlisted 5500,000 applicants, far more than the 500,000 required for the first stream

Currently, 50,000 successful applicants is being kicked out of the npower programme, a move that is necessary to balance the 500,000  

Remember they said they were going to drop the additional 50,000 successful applicants, so as to maintain the promised 500,000 for the first stream

See Criteria Used to disqualify the 50,000 Successful applicants-click here

You’re above 35 years of age

Your name didn’t tally with your name in your bvn and so forth                                                                                      

You’re already working and receiving salary somewhere else


Your documents were fake

As shown in the diagram above, a successful applicants who is among the 550,000 shortlist, and who have done the Finger print biometrics was later disqualified

All successful applicants are to run a quick check on their Nasims dash board and confirm their status




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