Fmardspace Afjp Fertilizer Subsidy Fund 2021: See Amount AFJP Farmers Will Get as Grant

Fmardspace Afjp Fertilizer Subsidy Fund 2021: See Amount AFJP Farmers Will Get as Grant: The Federal Government through the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) has said, farmers whose BVN is validated will be paid swiftly

Small Farmers in the country will start to receive alert from the 7th of July 2021

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Farmers enumerated but without BVN and bank accounts are encouraged to hasten to the nearest bank to open bank accounts and get BVN in order to benefit.

“These beneficiary farmers have been enumerated in the data base of Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with State Agricultural Development Project (ADP) staff, under the Economic Sustainability Plan, and Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP).


“The disbursement will be in batches, starting with Batch A, covering 1,209,143 farmers, with total subsidy of N6, 154,802,000. This will enable the farmer source fertilizer in the open market.

Facts On Fmardspace Afjp Fertilizer Subsidy Grant 2021

  • The list is split into two batches: 1st batch and Second batch
  • The 1st Batch AFJP Farmers list of Shortlisted Candidate is out
  • Over N600 billion was approved to support all farmers across the country. For more information AFJP Farmers Loan Application portal
  • Farmers whose BVN has been validated by NIBSS will be credited directly to their bank account.
  • Payment processing begins this week as beneficiaries are been notified of ways to process their payment.

 Amount AFJP Farmers Will Get as Grant

  • AFJP Farmers have started receiving their fertilizer grant fund, which is meant to subsidize the fertilizer to be bought for agricultural purposes
  • The Amount being paid may differ, what we do know is that the least amount to be given per bag of fertilizer is N3000
  • So depending on the number of bags, an AFJP Farmer may want to buy, this will be based on the size of your farm and the amount requested
  • Data for farm size, crop planted and the numbers bags needed are already collated during the survey collected by enumerators

What to do If You Have Not Received Email/Text As A Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP)

Dear AFJP Farmer,

“You have qualified for Fertilizer Subsidy Grant by Federal Government. Get a bank account before 07 07 2021 to process your payment. FMARDPACE”

AFJP Farmers that have not gotten this message must visit your Local Government or State coordinator of Fmardspace

A quick verification of documents will be made, and if you are qualified, your congratulatory message will come soonest

AFJP Small Farmers Holders Loan Shortlisted Candidates list is out

How TO Down the List AFJP Small Farmers Shortlisted For The Loan

Visit your anchor head of  Fmardpace Enumerators in your community, all the lists are placed in their hands and can be downloaded there


  1. When is the actuall date of Disbursenent because I swear to God my Farm is Urgently need Fertilizer if not I don’t know where to get the Fertilizer, please Grant us in time I Beg!! The Rainy season is almost Ended.

  2. Comment: it is very unfortunate farmers hope are kindled but to no avail of any alert. please fulfill your promises .


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