Npower Batch C Delayed as Buhari Doubles Volunteers to 1M Persons

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Npower Batch C Delayed as Buhari Doubles Volunteers to 1M Persons: The Batch Npower C prospective volunteers  suffers some little set back this week as the president gave an order for more volunteers to added to the already compiled list

It could be recalled that, all was set, to release batch C list of successful applicants within the first week of December, but the president was more concern for other volunteers who may be denied the opportunity

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A source confirmed that, the list of Batch C prospective applicants got tp the President for final vetting and endorsement before it could be released, but the President approves more people into the 400,000

Having seen the importance of the Nigerian Youth; the event of the endsars movement, caused by joblessness, the president saw the need to double the number to be taken

Before now, the List of 400,000 persons would have been released and the successful applicants would have been busy with the physical verification in the recruitment process


But the president, the Father of the nation, showed love and compassion to many more youths who want the same opportunity to be empower

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The List of Batch C may be delayed with an additional week or more, owing to this reasons as more volunteers will be added to make up 1,000,000 persons

The 1,000,000 persons will cut across, all the categories of the National Social Investment Programme, and not just the Npower body


“In order to double the scope of the National Social Investment Programmes, Mr President has graciously approved the expansion of all NSIP programmes, such as increase of N-Power beneficiaries from 500,000 to 1,000,000, increase of GEEP beneficiaries by 1,000,000 and increase of beneficiaries of Home-Grown School Feeding by 5,000,000,”

 “In championing social inclusion, deliberate efforts were made to capture vulnerable youth and groups which included women, people with special needs, in the expansion of the National Social Register by one million households”

In a move to boast the nation’s youths population, the Federal Government headed by Mr. Buhari has approves the numerical increase in the numbers of Npower Volunteers from 500,00 to1,000,000 persons

Meaning, more youth will be engaged to effectively reduce the unemployment issues bedeviling the nation

Not only will the Npower programme be increased but the entire   ational Social Investment Programmes, NSIP will be doubled in 2021, Buhari added


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