N-Exit Application: Procedures for Registration & Email Confirmation

See N-Exit Registration: Requirements and How to Apply for CBN Programmes

N-Exit Application: Procedures for Registration & Email Confirmation: The web portal address for the Nexit registration is up and running, applicants are to follow some simple procedures to a successful registration

While many applicants can not login and registered their interest, other could not get the email confirmation after a successful registration

See N-Exit Website Unveiled: www.nexit.fmhds.cbn.gov.ng-Apply

Follow these steps and get registered

Create and account like the one blow

After creating the account, by filling all the empty spaces,


submit by pressing the submission button

Note, you must agreed with the Terms and Policy, click the box to be green

Don’t get your password and email to login?

Quickly rush to your mail and reactivate/confirm or verify your password


Go to home page and login using your password and user name as entered in the account creation page

Your form will be displaced for you to fill, fill all the required spaces and reconfirm all what you fill before submission

Submit your application after your are convinced you did the right thing

A confirmation mail will be sent to your email but not immediately

Be patient and allow the system regenerate


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