Npower Batch C: Biometric Verification To Be Used For Monthly Payment –Independent Monitor

Npower Batch C: Biometric Verification To Be Used For Monthly Payment –Independent Monitor: The Npower programme has taken a new dimension, the National Social Investment Management Agency has introduced a hybrid system to effectively monitored the Npower batch C programme effectively and efficiently

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Unlike the batch A and B, whose tenure lack proper and effective supervision and monitoring, some volunteers played truancy, some absconded, the Npower Batch C is a complete different ball game   

Any volunteers who abscond or play truancy will be detected using the biometric verification machine and other hybrid system, there are provision for signing in and out in each Place of primary Assignment (PPA)

These revelations where made known by the recent trained Independent monitors, there five thousand Independent monitors who will implement this policy. Successful Batch C applicants are to take note

50,000 Batch C Applicants Will Be Dropped


The Humanitarian ministry has warned all selected batch c of the Npower programme to be more vigilant during and after the finger print biometric, the 550000 lucky applicants are not to celebrate yet till these below requirements are fully complied with

“The Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management And Social Development have further stated that 550,000 N-Power Batch C applicants, were selected for the initial phase of the N-Power recruitment process, of which another 50,000 N-Power Batch C applicants will be dropped, to make up the final 500,000 N-Power Batch C volunteers”

3 Steps To Avoid Disqualification Even After Biometrics

The following 3 basic steps are to be followed judiciously if an N-Power Batch C applicant wants to be part of the final N-Power Batch C 1 volunteers:

The N-Power Batch C applicant must not be working in any other Civil Service Organisation, either part time or full time.

The N-Power Batch C applicants’ uploaded documents must be a bonafide document of the N-Power Batch C applicant.

Note: N-Power Batch C applicants can now login into their portal and edit their dashboard.

An N-Power Batch C applicant must adhere to the Biometrics fingerprint capture enrollment instructions; four fingers should be captured as stated, not ten fingers, although this might not be an issue, but just to be on a safe side.

Required Documents For Physical Verification

All documents presented during registration will be scrutinized, any applicants found wanting will be disqualified at this stage and replaced subsequently

Higher Educational Certificate like Degree, NCE, OND, MSC both statement of result and original

Valid means of Identification like Voter’s card, National Identification Card, Driving License etc

Print out of Bank Verification Number

Certificate of State of Origin

Birth Certificate or an affidavit from the court of law

2 recent passports photograph

Your mobile phone number used during registration


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