Npower Batch C: 100% In Test Not A Guarantee For Shortlisting: See This

Npower Batch C: 100% In Test Not A Guarantee For Shortlisting: See This: All N-Power batch-c applicants who took the pre-selection test are and score 100% are not to rejoice yet, final shortlisting will take many by storm as the list will favor academically disadvantage state

Meaning, selection will be done inline with state with high population and poverty, and not inline with Federal Character

State who are not privileged academically, and has a high population of unemployment may be favored. Batch A and B saw states like Kano, Jigawa, Benue, Niger, with over 18,000 volunteers each. while states like Bayelsa, Zamfara, Anambra with less than 10,000 volunteers

if this formula applies, Large chunk of the batch C applicants will emanate from the north, reasons explained above

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All Npower Batch C prospective Applicants Must Note that:


N-Power frowns at relocation complaints during physical verification.

“Prospective N-Power Batch C volunteers must go back to their selected state of residence to get verified physically if you have relocated from that state”

“Success/Congratulatory Email/SMS: As long as the prospective N-Power Volunteers had written the test successfully, after updating your records, there are possibilities you will get selected. Many N-Power Batch C applicants were unable to write the online test”

The Following Documents Must Be Available at Physical Verification

Your physical self.

Education certificates.

Birth certificate/Age declaration.

 Your NASIMS ID may be required.

Proof of Residence: This might include some utility bills.

During online application, prospective N-Power Batch C were meant to select their state of residence.

Please note that all successful candidates will be sent a mail and given directions on the next stage.

Candidates not selected can re-apply for the next batch of the programme as soon as it opens for application.

Important Notice Regarding the Test

This test is time base and you are expected to answer 20 questions in 10 mins.

Test cannot be retaken after submission

You cannot skip any question

Every question is allotted equal score

If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again.

For other enquiry or query, please call 018885011 or 08176551162 or send a message to [email protected]

N-Power Customer Care

All inquiries and complaints should be channeled through the N-Power customer care line. Details are as follow:

Phone Number: 018885011 or 08176551162

Opening days: Mondays Through Fridays (Time: 9AM – 9PM)

Saturdays (9AM-2PM)

Note: you can also send a mail to [email protected]




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