Israel/Palestine Conflict: President Joe Biden Vows 2-State Solution

Israel/Palestine Conflict: President Joe Biden Vows 2-State Solution: The American President, Joe Biden has echoed his support for a two-state solution to bring the long Israeli palatine conflict to an end

In a separates Phone call, Biden Calls to Both Israel, Palestinian Authority to cease fire and come to the negotiation table for immediate resolution

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More than 150 person have been killed in the conflict so far, with much of the casualties from Gaza

“President Joe Biden made phone calls to both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Saturday amid increasingly violent attacks that have left at least 139 people dead in Gaza this week”

American President Joe Biden, in  his remark


“expressed his support for steps to enable the Palestinian people to enjoy the dignity, security, freedom, and economic opportunity that they deserve and affirmed his support for a two-state solution. The leaders agreed to continue the close consultation between their teams and to remain in touch in the days ahead,”

“Highlighted the recent U.S. decision to resume assistance to the Palestinian people, including economic and humanitarian assistance to benefit Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. The President also underscored his strong commitment to a negotiated two-state solution as the best path to reach a just and lasting resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,”

American President Calls to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  “reaffirmed his strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself” in his high-level call with Netanyahu. But the U.S. president also demanded the “safety and security of journalists” in the wake of an Israeli airstrike on the Jalaa building that housed media outlets The Associated Press and Al Jazeera”

Biden reiterated his Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

“Strong commitment” to negotiating a two-state solution between the Palestinians and Israelis. Biden stressed to Abbas “the need for Hamas to cease firing rockets” and urged Netanyahu to “ensure the protection” of Palestinian civilians.”

The White House announced Saturday that each leader “shared concern” over the recent deaths of Palestinian and Israeli “innocent civilians, including children that have tragically lost their lives amidst the ongoing violence.”


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