Nexit Portal Closed (Nexit-Fmhds.Cbn.Gov.Ng): FG To Unravel Nexit Plan In 6 Weeks

Nexit Portal Closed (Nexit-Fmhds.Cbn.Gov.Ng): FG To Unravel Nexit Plan In 6 Weeks: For more than 3 weeks and still counting, the Nexit CBN portal (Nexit-Fmhds.Cbn.Gov.Ng) launched November 2020, to capture the interest of disengaged Npower volunteers in various loan programme is out of site

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The Nexit portal is completed closed with “Error 403”, signifying that, the web app is stopped. The management of the N-EXIT Scheme updated exited N-Power applicants that the portal will soon be closed, therefore those that have not uploaded their details should promptly login to the N-EXIT portal and update their details.

This warning lasted for more than 4 weeks, the Senior Special Media Assistance to the Humanitarian Minister sounded this warning times without number, any volunteers who could not registered should have him/herself to blame

The N-EXIT management has finally closed the portal to enable them to process the application received for the next stage of the exercise.


“Therefore we advise applicants to wait patiently for the N-EXIT Management to unravel the next plan for them. We hope that the next stage of the N-EXIT opportunities will begin as soon as the N-EXIT portal become accessible again”

Sources disclosed that, the next stage of the recruitment won’t take up to six weeks, as the government has gotten approval it seeks from the supplementary Budget

FG To Unravel Next Plan Soon

Meanwhile, there are clear signs disengaged volunteers will smile as the Next plan of the Nexit CBN offer will soon come on-board

FG has proposed three ways the 500,000 disengaged volunteers for both Batch A and B would be managed, it is absolutely certain, FG will follow this plan as proposed by the Vice President few months ago

These Plans includes:

  1. 200,000 volunteers To Be Employed as SENAF Agent- See more
  2. 30,000 volunteers To Be Employed as Agro Enumerators- See more
  3. 270,000 volunteers TO be given the CBN Loan Offer, money ranging from 250,000 to 750,000 would be given to interested volunteers at small or no interest, similar to the covid-19 loan, AGESMES, and the Nigeria Youth investment Fund Programme

It will be the largest loan programme in the entire continent of Africa and in third world countries, it promised to have a wider and larger spending spree



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