FG 774,000 Jobs: Unpaid Applicants To Smile Soon As FG Plans Expansion

FG 774,000 Jobs: Unpaid Applicants To Smile Soon As FG Plans Expansion: “The office of Honorable Hon. Minister of Labor and Production, on Sunday, has released a statement regarding the federal government’s plan of expansion (774,000 jobs) to investigate the progress when implementing the program, the sides notice these:

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According to the shortcuts written in registration, confirmation and payment, meeting and people’s needs to be prepared and updated, both sides have reached these goals.

 “Both sides confirm that they will continue to register hard work by making sure those who attend the conference before being paid to avoid many deceivers in the program. The banks will continue to register and ensure the attendees from different local governments to ensure the majority of the local government are living in these local governments to achieve the goals and plans of giving Nigerians thousand One power in every local government in Nigeria.

“The meeting has agreed that those who have already been elected for ESPW program and have issues should approach different banks to adjust their registration. Banks assets are ordered to attend to all the candidates using https://banks.specialpublicworks.gov.ng. No calculations should be repeated.

“Those banks look good but with BVN bad or wrong they are advised to go back to their banks to fix their insecurities. The link will be given on ESPW and NDE (www.specialpublicworks.gov.ng and www.nde.gov.ng) to attendees to investigate their BVN positions. For those who can’t use internet should go to NDE state offices, NDE communications in different local governments or to push the head of the state electoral commission to give them a list of those who have problems Their BVNs.


“For those who don’t have a problem with their BVN but don’t get paid, so they should go to the banks that signed up to address the issues.

“Banks have been ordered to give ATM card to all participants. So the participants are encouraged to collect their ATM card from the banks to pay their fees from different compensations without necessarily going to the banks.

“The attendees are confirmed to be paid as soon as all the problems are solved.

“The meeting has agreed that the banks have stopped disturbing the local governments that were given to them earlier. As a result, elected officials are free to close every seven banks elected near the local government. Banks are Access, FCMB, Fidelity, Heritage, UBA, Yobe MFB and Zenith.

“So far, NDE has approved the one month alawus-alawus payment for anyone who has been verified. As shown above, both sides are doing their best to solve the problems of those who haven’t received the monthly salary before starting the second half of payment”

Sign the petition:

Representative of Hon. office. Minister of Ministry:

1. Olua Davidson

2. Faniyi Fatogun

3. Christopher Omoaghe

Representative of National Jobs

1. Olaomi Roseline Silvia

2. Dauda Idris 2. n

3. Samaila B Mamman.

Bankuna representatives at the event:

1. For bank loan in Atinuke Sayo-Adeyemi

2. Ga FCMB… Alero Bola-Permo… n

3. Fidelity Bank…. Fatima Garba

4. For Home Bank… Chi Chi Alek.

5. Go UBA… Arerepade Akagwu

6. Zenith Bank… Soibiye Iketubosin.

7. Here is Yobe MFB…. Sheriff Mohammad Ibrahim Akibu Ja ‘ afaru


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