N420B Budgeted For NSIP in 2021: Npower & GEEP Took Large Chunk: N420B Budgeted For NSIP in 2021: Npower/Home Grown/GEEP/ Took Large Chunk

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N420B Budgeted For NSIP in 2021: Npower & GEEP Took Large Chunk: The Federal Government budgeted a whopping sum of 420B naira to run the affair of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), the is an attempt to curb the rising unemployment in the country and to restore sanity in the system

The sum of N350B will be used as recurrent expenditure and capital spending will take a sum of N50B

A breakdown of the various component of the National Social Investment Programme’s budget shows:

Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) will be Funded with N35.8B

  • N35.8 billion has been billed to be expended on the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) – comprising marketmoni, tradermoni and farmermoni
  • This GEEP also contain micro-lending intervention that farmers, women in particular, traders and artisans, the sum of N10,000 and N100,000 are given

The National Social Housing Programme (NISH) will be funded with N20 billion

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“In furtherance of our inclusiveness agenda, the sum of N420 billion has been provided to sustain the Social Investment Programmes, while N20 billion has also been set aside for the family homes and our Social Housing Programme,” -FG

The Npower and Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme

“N-power programme, which was designed to assist young Nigerians to develop life-long skills for becoming change-makers, with a stipend of N30, 000 monthly.

“Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme, designed to directly support those within the lowest poverty bracket through cash benefits to various categories of the poor and vulnerable” Nairametrics


The Npower and the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme and other component will engulf 52.6% of the 420,000,000,000 naira made available for spending come 2021

The Federal Government is more committed to reduce poverty and unemployment with these plan

There are over 500,000 disengaged npower volunteers at the moment, waiting for the Transition programme of the Federal Government

The same government will bring in 400,000 new volunteers by the end of 2020, more Nigerian youth will have the opportunity to explore government entrepreneur gesture and create wealth for themselves

With these plans on hand, the government of Buhari is methodically addressing the problems of youth restiveness and crime in the society  

Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSF) well-funded

“This is aimed to deliver school meals to young children with a specific focus on increasing school enrollment, reducing the incidence of malnutrition, empowering community women as cooks, and by supporting small farmers that help stimulate economic growth”-FG


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