N-power March 31st Failed Protest: DSS Tracking my line-Gobir Cries Out

N-power March 31st Failed Protest: DSS Tracking my line-Gobir Cries Out The National President of Npower, Comrade Bashir Usman Gobir explain s what transpired on the Eve and the day of the protest, which was largely unsuccessful, he gave a decisive assurance and urged all disengaged volunteers to be patient with him

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Here is his Facebook press statement-His precise words (No editing)

My name is Comrd Bashir Usman Gobir.

Since Wednesday 24/03/2021 that peaceful Protest has been returned to 31/03/2021 we are working on seeing success in this journey, on Thursday 25/03/2021 We have visited the house of the graceful and the Emir of Muslims Alh Saad Abubakar.

I swear on Saturday 27/03/2021 we visited Maradun Local Government in Zamfara State in Emirn Maradun Alh. Garba Muhammad Tambari where we gathered to Kebbi State, we slept here until the city on Sunday 28/03/2021.


I swear on Monday 29/03/2021 I have been on my way to Abuja since I went to Kaduna I got the news of DSS following my line and those calling me, I am about to enter Kaduna a TV worker called me and told me that these people are not afraid God because he was warned not to spread news about Exited Npower batch And B.

Use your intelligence, they were looking for me during the press conference but this time they were suspended, meaning they were warned.

I joined FCT Abuja around 06:57 pm and landed Gwarimpa at my friend’s place.

I swear to God, on Tuesday 30/03/2021 am, I seek permission from Desk Officer of Malam Garba Shehu (which allows me to talk to him) the speaker of the president that allowed me to talk or take my call, and give me the chance to say it. Masa I want to talk to Malam Garba Shehu and he agreed to say but they are meeting for president Buhari checkup, if they don’t have 30 minutes.

I swear Wednesday 31/03/2021 after we prayed the morning prayer, I have announced that anyone in Abuja should go to Human Rights Radio before 08:00 am, since 07:00 on Human Rights Radio no one came but one from Niger state (Ningi) till around 09:07. pm.

07:00 am to 08:00 am meet on Human Rights Radio

09:00 m Meeting at Eagle Square,

But these idiots, dumbasses, went to Human Rights Radio at 01:00 pm

They went to Eagle Square at 12:00 pm claiming that Comrd Gobir is a deceiver, he is a liar, he is a son of Hon. Minister.

I swear to God, since Monday (Monday) I was in Abuja until Thursday 01/04/2021 until after the curse of leaving Abuja.

Look Su Comrd Gobir you didn’t do their job, and of a truth, anyone who calls me I will tell him it is not a must I will tell him here because it is not our work.

Every word I’m going to say I swear,

If you are full of bastards, do this swear that comrd did not go to Abuja.

Look look closely comrd he’s with you, to see him with a beard even if you call him chairman Npower then he’s not your servant.

But may God guide you, and that is how leadership is, my wish is that God increase our patience, and it has just begun.

By the grace of God.

Be patient, you know the character of Bagobiri.Thank you so much



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