N-Power: Drop Your Signatures in Full Support- As N-power Permanency Bill Goes to Another Reading

As we speak, the npower permanency bill will still be discussed in the senate come July, we want all N-power Beneficiaries  to drop their signatures in full support of this landmark and ground breaking victory  that await us in recorded history of this nation

All N-power beneficiaries should drop their SIGNATURES in full support of permanency. It will be forwarded to all our senators in their corporate Pages and Group hearing, before its get deliberated in the senate

We saw two government representatives making comment about the future of the Npower programme. There is hope! We just need to push ahead and be more prayerful and strong in the quest for permanency.

The Minister of labour and Employment, Mr Chris Ngige- N-power to be reformed

Last week, we saw the minister of labour and employment, Mr Chris Ngige, disclosing the intention of the federal government to reform the N-power programme for a robust outcome.

Mr Ngige while interacting with some beneficiaries in Tetralog Nigeria Limited and ANAMCO Motor Assembly plant, in Enugu state of Nigeria, made this statement

According to AIT news, Ngige, a minister of the federal republic, on a trip to Enugu state Nigeria. Assured N-power Beneficiaries, who are been trained in auto mobile repairs and maintenance

Ngige in his correct words “says the N-Power programme of the Federal Government will undergo various reformations to actualize its set objective.” This statement is coming at the pick of Batch A disengagement plan, also known as glorious exist



In a related development, Senator representing Bauchi south senatorial districts lawal yahaya gumau speaks on npower permanency bill, he is proposing for the adoption and creation of agency for National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

Being the chairperson, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, he suggested the absorption of all npower beneficiaries, in all categories into the civil service to curb the rising unemployment crisis in the country.

As the Chairman, Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation, senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau wants Nigerian Youths to be productive and engaged.

National security may be threaten should volunteers are disengaged , the country must empower her youths.  This must come from the Federal Government; the nation must rise up to her responsibility and put an end to youth restiveness- Lamented by a senator.


Any nation who fails to explore and empower her youths, is seating on a time bomb. The federal government must show sincere courage and will, to massively invest in her youths. Anything short of this, will spell doom for the nation

The motion was seconded and supported by more than half of the 9th senate. If this motion scales through, it will see many youths, from all works of life engaged. Related https://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-2020-recruitment-how-to-make-the-final-list-and-mistakes-to-avoid

Actively empowered not just to provide food for themselves, but to empower others, thus curbing unemployment at a long run

How to drop your SIGNATURE

  • Leave a reply by making a # tag and comment positively on the program so far e.g #npower has transformed my life, permanency we want#
  • Post your comment and hit the like button.
  • You can share this link to other platforms
  • It will go a long way to all our senators and reps


  1. That is if our money have not been used finish to sponsor book haram and herdsmen and bandit all of them same agenda.who will help the owners of the land,who will bell the cat.who will help Nigerian youth.we don’t want good roads or good buildings housings or whatever,we want jobs for our teeming youth it is possible, it is achievable,only if we can try.

  2. N-power has done more good than harm in my life,I pray the federal government should be pleased with us.God bless Nigerian, God bless federal government of Nigeria.

  3. We are begging the high chamber for permanent and pensionable offer in order to role and impart the acquired knowledge to our society, in you we trust and you will make it for us to survive

  4. My life has change since 2017 I’m the family care we need permanent and pensionable offer pls our dear Senate raise the motion

  5. #N-power has change my negative life to positive life I am very thank God for that we all want permanent and pensionable. We know Baba buhari you can do that for us thank you baba

  6. #I swear N-power have transformed my whole life. We to be permanented, as we don’t want to go back to streets joblessnessly.#

  7. The most successful program that many Nigerian youths have benefited without connection. We plead for permanency, d only way to reduce rate of unemployment.

  8. #Npower has been d most successful program that many Nigerian youths have benefited without connection. We plead for permanency, d only way to reduce rate of unemployment.

  9. #Npower has really gone a long way in touching various families all the 36 and including fct. Which it benefit is seen all over in govt. MDA’S HOSPITALS, AND

  10. Comment:N power has really help my life,my family,thank you federal gov’t for all you have done God blessed PMB,all we want is permenecy.

  11. We really appreciate the federal government for this youth empowerment program (N-power) it has really changed my life and that of others for the better,we are also pleading that the federal government should look at what will happen with some of us if we no longer do anything or if we are idol an idol man the say is the devils workshop,so it will be great if the program becomes permanent so I urged our senators to pass the N-power bill in to law in other to address the issue of unemployment in the country.

  12. #NPOWER has totally transformed my life and family from nobody to someone who many people are now looking up to . Please, performancy is our concern now.

  13. MR. HENSHAW Pls. i wish to beg PMB to save more souls and families by using his good office to support the permanency bill of NPOWER program. The nigerian youths will not forget you for all eternity for giving us job.


  15. Permanency of N-Power beneficiaries will reduce the rate of unemployment and criminal offences among the youths. The youths are calm now because the government has engaged them, therefore, any disengagement will affect the country adversely.

  16. Pls federal government don’t throw us back to The street again ,we want permanency ,God wil revive our economics in Jesus name ,Nigeria will grow economically, we got this job without connection, pls grant us permanent and pensionable job .God bless Nigeria and guild our able president and his vice and a and also national assembly

  17. Npower is the best program that the FG were able to include the youth so far, let ths good work be concluded with permanent employment, so that the next level will achieved.

  18. N-power has made me a responsible family man.Let this good be concluded with a permanent and pensionabl job.God bless nigeria,our able president and his vice and the national assembly.

  19. #npowerhaschangemylifeineedpermancany#
    I can go back to the street been unemployed is very scary to me pls do something for us the youth I worked diligently with hope of been permanently emploed


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