Massive Federal Jobs As Reps Approve Bill To Create State Police-Punch

Massive Federal Jobs As Reps Approve Bill To Create State Police-Punch: Bedeviled with a high rate of insecurity and crime in the country, the House of Representatives has passed a bill for second reading seeking to create state police, with the main aim of maintaining law and order in the country

Being over stretched and overwhelmed with insecurity, the Chairman of the House Committee on Judiciary, Onofiok Luke calls for support in bringing law and order in the country

Onofiok Luke sponsor the Bill seeking for state police to the both the Federal Police and other security outfits, in his defence, Mr. Onofiok Luke told the house that, the state police aims:

“to provide for state police and other state government security services to enhance security and preservation of lives and properties in Nigeria”.

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He further states the functions of the bill he is sponsoring

“(10) The functions of a State Police Council shall include

(a) The organization and administration of a State Police Force and all other matters relating thereto (not being matters relating to the use and operational control of the Force or the appointment, disciplinary control and dismissal of members of the Force);

(b) The general supervision of a State Police Force; and

(c) Advising the governor on the appointment of State Commissioner of Police.”

“Many years after independence, Nigeria has continually been beset with insecurity ranging from terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery and domestic violence.

“Granted that there is no society without crime or manifestation of criminal behavior, our inability to bring to the barest minimum crime is a scathing indictment on the current security architecture and structure in the country.

 “The federal structuring of our security does not encourage community policing or localization of policing.

“Recruitment and subsequent deployment of police officers in their local area is one of the major ways of curbing crime. Such officers understand the area, terrain, language, behavior and attitude of the people he or she is policing”

“Nigeria, a country with over 201 million people, is grossly under policed with about 400, 000 police personnel. This number falls far short of the United Nation’s recommendation of ratio 1 per 400 citizens.

“The Constitution envisages Nigeria as a federal state. Granting allowance to state governments to establish police force and other security apparatuses will bring Nigeria into original constitutional contemplation of a federal state.”



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