List of Nigerian states by Surface Area- See Niger State Landmass

The following table presents a listing of Nigeria’s 36 states ranked in order of their surface area.

Rank. State. km²

1Niger State76,363

2Borno State70,898

3Taraba State54,473

4Kaduna State46,053

5Bauchi State45,837


6Yobe State45,502

7Zamfara State39,762

8Adamawa State36,917

9Kwara State36,825


10Kebbi State36,800

11Benue State34,059

12Plateau State30,913

13Kogi State29,833

14Oyo State28,454

15Nasarawa State27,117

16Sokoto State25,973

17Katsina State24,192

18Jigawa State23,154

19Cross River State20,156

20Kano State20,131

21Gombe State18,768

22Edo State17,802

23Delta State17,698

24Ogun State16,762

25Ondo State15,500

26Rivers State11,077

27Bayelsa State10,773

28Osun State9, 251

-Abuja Federal Capital Territory7, 315

29Enugu State7,161

30Akwa Ibom State7,081

31Ekiti State6,353

32Abia State6,320

33Ebonyi State5,670

34Imo State5,100

35Anambra State4,844

36 Lagos State3,345

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Some Facts you need to Know about Nigeria

Nigeria has a land area of 923,763 square kilometer, the 14th biggest country in Africa according to Wikipedia. In this article, we will tell you  some amazing land areas and facts about some states you may not know.

  • Lagos (3,345 km²) state is the smallest state in Nigeria
  • Niger ( 76,363 km²) State is Bigger than the Enter South East and almost  the size of the South-South. Let’s prove this.

  South East Region

  •      Enugu State 7,161
  •      Abia State    6,320
  •      Ebonyi State 5,670
  •       Imo State     5,100
  •      Anambra       4,844

          Total        29,095 km²  while Niger State is 76,363 km²

         South- South region

          Cross/River 20,156

          Akwa Ibom   7,081

          Rivers           11,077

           Bayelsa       10,773

           Edo State     17,802

           Delta State 17,698

           Total          84,547       km²

  • There are more People in Anambra than Niger state- See NPC 2006 Census Figure 



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