2023 Igbo Presidency is long Over Due-Yakubu Gowon 

The first military president of Nigeria, Mr Yakubu Gowon said  Igbo presidency is long overdue,  in his correct words “ If PDP had long kept to their rotational strategy, by now, the South East would have produced a national leader, overseeing the nation.”

The Retired Military General-Yakubu Gown is calling for equal and far share of the presidency to all zones of the nation. He was talking with Hausa BBC service, that Nigeria can only be united, if all sides are given equal and fare share to govern.

Mr Gowon, a Christian that oversaw the killings and starvation of close to 2million Igbos during the nation’s civil war, calls for immediate calm in the nation’s political circle.

Apparently, 2023 should be the tenure of the south east, there should be a understanding and tolerance in all political circles and parties-Mr Gowon added.

The Biafran Struggle might see a turn around to the nation’s favor, if their zones are given the presidency come 2023. If this will bring enduring and long lasting peace, it should be given to them. According to the wish and will of the people


The South East is the most Developed Region in the Country

The south east region encompasses of Enugu, Imo, Anambra, Eboyi and Abia state. The region occupy less than 20,000 square kilometer of the nation’s total landmass. The Igbo language is the third largest spoken in the country.

Despite the devastation caused by the civil war, the region is the most developed in terms of Infrastructural and Human Capital Development. The South East can boast of Major industries never seen in the country, the Innoson Motor Vehicle to mention a few.

Abia and Anambra states are the Japan and China of Nigeria, the region is blessed with both natural and man-made resource and talents. If given the opportunity to rule, Nigeria might see a country they long desired for.    

The weak and frail retired military general gave the green light for an Igbo presidency. Gowon said: “If doing so will bring peace, it should be done; if the people so desire.” Gowon told the BBC Hausa Service in an interview that not only is the idea welcome, but it would also have come sooner if the rotational presidency system the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) create had been adhered to.”


This is coming on the backdrop of some mischievous element, wanting to cause another national unrest; come 2023.He warns the North retaining power come 2023.


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