Just-In: FMHASD/CBN Put NExit Loan Disbursement /Training/ 5 Months Backlog On-hold  

5 Months Backlogs-OAGF Clashes With FMHADS On Numbers of Affected Volunteers- Still Verifying Volunteers Bank Statements  

The Office of Accountant General of the Federation and the Humanitarian Ministry is still having some discrepancies and gray areas to settle regarding Batch A and B 14,200 volunteers not paid for 5 months

The Humanitarian Ministry pegs the number of unpaid volunteers at 14,200, and cleared only 8900 volunteers for payment, while the Office of Accountant General of the Federation verified  more than 8900 from the consolidated list of beneficiaries

See NExit/NASIMS: Stipend/Loan Structure For Npower Batch A/B/C1  

The bank statement and other financial details of the affected volunteers were checked, findings show more than 8,900 volunteers have been flagged unjustly and not included in the payment plan

Payment of the 5 months backlog now rest in the hand of the Office of Accountant General of the Federation, and over N1.3Billion naira released for the same purpose

When the Office of Accountant General of the Federation and the Humanitarian Ministry reaches a compromise, and agree on the number, payment would commence


See CBN Empowerment Program 2021/2022 | NEXIT Loan & Training Update

NExit Loan Disbursement /Training

It is exactly one year since the Nexit portal web-portal nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng was opened for both Batch A and B to register their interest in the CBN loan program designed to provide non-interest  soft loans

The website has been closed to facilitate further modalities for the training of and disbursement of funds to shortlisted volunteers


No one knows what is causing the delay in the NExit Loan Disbursement /Training of over 500,000 volunteers

“Out of the 500,000 combined beneficiaries from Batch A and B, we promised a robust plan to engage both batches with CBN loan package and other economic ventures, but we also added “patience” Sadiya Added

See Nexit Loan Programme: How to Prepare For Training (Accessing Manual)  

A visit to the Nexit webpage shows the portal is populating, meaning filling up is currently ongoing and will take days to come up, though the site is still close for now

Preparation on “Top Gear”, as modalities; instructors and facilities are set to deliver uninterrupted training exercise

This is to inform all batch A and B volunteers consisting of over 500,000 persons, there is progress and good news coming forth in a few weeks time regarding the Nexit training

The good news is that instructors and facilities, and modalities are currently in place to deliver smooth and robust training, which will be accompanied by massive fund disbursement

FG is planning the largest and biggest fund disbursement ever to batch A and B- see this

FG is desperately aggressive in lifting over 100 Nigerians out of poverty, the government is massively addressing youth unemployment via suitable programs

“People have registered onto different skills that they want to be supported and we are at the point of training these exited NPower beneficiaries on to the skills that they have chosen for themselves.”

This means, that the Nexit CBN web-portal nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng will be reopened for volunteers to re-apply for their skills, and will happen by next month, October to be precise

Things To Note regarding the Nexit Loan Training/Fund Disbursement

The delay might be due to a lack available of funds.

They have earlier stated that they are sourcing for Funds to implement the Nexit Programme, it might also be the case of batch C.

2023 Election is not responsible for the Delay

Delaying the Programme to 2023 because of the election does not really make sense because they can as well engage the Beneficiaries now and still can engage another batch by 2023.

It Is the Responsibility of Government To create Enabling Environment

This might even serve as an advantage to them because they have both existing beneficiaries and exited beneficiaries to support them if that is the plan.

The responsibility of any government is to serve the citizens, provide a conducive environment and opportunities for the citizens to be productive.

So no reasonable government will just want to keep their vibrant youthful population stagnant.

And the fact is that Investing In Npower Batches ABC Volunteers – Best Way To Expand Opportunities In Nigeria

As the 2023 general election come near, some Nigerians see the  delay as a game plan to gain cheap political points and get the needed support

The delay in the commencement of the Npower batch C and Nexit Programme may not be politically motivated because of the above reasons:

All these speculations may not be so in reality as the government has their own problem


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