JAMB Result: Zainab commits suicide After Seeing Her jamb score 

JAMB Result: Zainab commits suicide After Seeing Her jamb score-Lt note for her parents

JAMB RESULT: It was a sad Monday for the family of zainab, after seeing her suicide note left shortly after her demise.

Having written jamb 3 times to no avail, Zainab decided to end it by taking her own live, according to her suicide note, the beautiful young and promising zaineb was on a mission to give her pregnant aunt food at the hospital

On her way to see her pregnant aunt in the hospital, she got an SMS from JAMB, lo and behold; it was not a good one. According to friends at the hospital, where her pregnant aunt lies, her countenance was devastating and dim, when asked what the was, she could not say a word

Immediately she left the hospital. She went straight to a shop and bought the popular SNIPER- a dangerous insecticide used for killing insects.

Zainab went to the mosques to make her last and final prayers, after her prayers, apparently she had already prepared her suicide notes to her friends and family member

JAMB Result: Zainab commits suicide After Seeing Her jamb score

Zainab drank the poison after her prayers and was half dead before she was rushed to the hospital, the doctor confirmed her dead shortly after.


Reaction from friends and social media blamed her parent for the suicide, if her parent had not pressured her, she wouldn’t have killed herself in such a moribund way. It was gathered that her remains has been buried according to the Islamic rite

A society where young minds are thinking and carrying out suicide is not ideal for the nation. Adults need to put their eyes, hearts, pride, and  ego down to encourage and draw  young minds close on the realities of life  and everything they need to know. see

 “Passing Jamb doesn’t guaranty anything. When I wrote my last jamb, I scored 236 and didn’t get any admission, my best friend Ali Umar scored 165 we applied to same school same course, guess what? My best friend is now a graduate lol. The truth is Scoring high in jamb won’t get u nowhere, not in this fanatically corrupt country. Too bad a vibrate girl had to loss her life. Farewell soldier, your mission is complete- A Comment from A nairalander “




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