It’s Either they Permanent Us or Give Quality Exit Package-Npower Reps Forum (Video)

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It’s Either they Permanent Us or Give Quality Exit Package-Npower Reps Forum (Video): The N-power States Representative Forum had a Facebook live chat video to update exited volunteers on the outcomes of all the meeting with higher authorities in the battle into MDAs

The National Spoke person of the Npower Representative Forum from the 36 states and Abuja, Comrade Babatunde Abiola, said there are following the government with caution and if by November ending, no news or words from them, the group will be left with no other choice but to embark on a massive national protest by December.

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No one is paying us for all the efforts, commitments and travels we have been doing, we spent our personal money to sponsor meetings and Events, yet we receive insult from volunteers, Babatunde Abiola added

It is either they gave us permanent appointment or grant us a quality exit package, we will not stop protesting

“It was the federal government that promised financial support and fixing individuals into available spaces in MDAs ,if we organize ourselves to go and appeal to them there’s nothing wrong with that, this will make the federal government to have enough time to face batch C.
Let’s put it in mind that Stay in Abuja Protest till Government answer is coming and proper arrangement is matters is the next line of agenda “


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