How US, UK & Chinese Investments Can Reduce Poverty In Africa 

How US, UK & Chinese Investments Can Reduce Poverty In Africa: Africa is among the seven continents on earth, she is the third most populated continent after Asia, with close to a Billion in Number, the continent still find herself struggling with poor infrastructure, leadership problems, and Political instability 

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With more than 54 countries in Africa, very few are can boast of modern infrastructure, good governance, and economic stability. 

The investment flow from the US, UK, and Chinese into Africa are on the rise, there are twice as Chinese investments in Africa compared to that of the US and UK, yet the continent is still the least infrastructure wise in the world.

Even with the massive Chinese investments in Africa, not much has been felt by the commoners in Health, Science and Technology, Urbanization, Education, Electricity, Security, and Human Capital Development to mention but a few.


There are few countries with good infrastructure in the black continent but certainly not enough 

South Africa 

This is one of the most industrialized countries in Africa with fairly good and decent Infrastructure, Developed Human Capital, Security, and Stable economic growth. 

South Africa as of 2021 has over 50,000 megawatts of Electricity, Massive Investment in Education, Health, Science, and Technology, with steady progress in Human Capital development  

With the capital in Pretoria, South Africa is one of the success stories in Africa, though she is still lagging in modern infrastructure and input. 

There are hundreds of US, UK, and Chinese investment coming into the country and making an impact 


Located in North Africa, the Arab-Africa nation is second to note after South Africa. Egypt has a world-class infrastructure with stable Human Capital Development 

The best beat is that the country is still massively seeing Urbanization, Electrification of towns and cities, massive rail and road constructions, improved health system, and quality education 

With little security challenges, the government of Egypt has practically improved security in the inflow of investments, secured Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and made the country one of the top five investment destinations in Africa 


The East Africa Nation has done well for the past decade in modern infrastructure and human capital development, faced with insecurity from her neighbor (Somalia), Kenya has contained security threat in advanced ways.

Kenya successfully addressed massive infrastructural decay lately, giving rise to modern economic infrastructure. 

Kenya has one of the best standard Rail networks in the world, all thanks to china, the mother of investment in Africa. The Capital Nairobi and some other province are experiencing massive urbanization (Smart Cities), electrification, and other modern infrastructure  

These are few out of 54 countries making wave in the UK, the US, and Chinese Investment so far, but there are still much needed.

Was it perversity UK, US, and Chinese Investment longed to be spread in all the 54 countries in Africa? What hope lies in Secrecy for UK, US, and Chinese Investment to rapidly develop Africa’s Infrastructure in modern times?

To what extend should Africa depend on the UK, US, and Chinese Investment for overgrowth and development? In this articles, how UK, US, and Chinese Investments can make an impact in Africa.

Areas Where US, UK & Chinese Investments Can Make A Difference In The 54 Nations in Africa 

Road and Rail Construction

Africa requires massive road and rail infrastructure, lack of this has made transportation of goods and services impossible, leading to a huge economic gap. 

The major medium of transportation popularly used in Africa cut across roads and rail, not much is available to meet the ever-increasing movement of people, goods, and services.

The sector has a huge return on investment if venture into. The economy of Africa would only get better if due attention and investments are giving into rail and road constructions.

The UK, US, China, and other major players should invest more in road and rail constructions with a friendly and flexible payback agreement  

Electrification and Urbanization

Africa is the least of all continents regarding electrification and urbanization of towns, villages, and cities, many Africans cities, towns, and villages are to see modernization in infrastructure.

The UK, US, China, and other major players have invested massively in these, more needs to be done as the population of the continent doubles, the population of Africa is increasing geometrically.

The need to invest in the Electrification and Urbanization of Africa is a quest that must be achieved for meaningful progress to be made.

The Western investors should map out plans with Africa’s government to effectively address the lingering problem once and for all

Quality Health Care Delivery

Africa lags when it comes to quality and affordable health care, not only is she starved with health or medical technology to drive home quality health service to her people, but also suffers from unqualified medical personnel to achieve this.

To achieve quality Health Sector, medical technology must be involved, all hands must be on deck to achieve sufficiency in quality health care delivery

The covid-19 pandemic has exposed Africa’s weakness in Health infrastructure, if this gap is not bridged, a disaster may just be at the corner waiting to happen.

Industrialization and Improved Farming System 

Not only is she hungry but lags industrial input to drive home massive industrial revolution, raw material leaves the continent to the West and the Far East, due to lack of technical know-how.

The Chinese investments in addressing Africa’s industrial solutions, if this becomes a reality, will see Africa industries and market competing side by side with the rest of the world


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