How To Move On After Being Sacked: Five Tricks That Work

How To Move On After Being Sacked: Five Tricks That Work: Your services are no longer needed is a common language now trending in some organizations, many employees got fired, for many reasons, ranging from underperformance, economic recession, poor attitudes to work, Inability for a company or organization to make money, the covid-19 pandemic, and the list goes endless 

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The covid-19 pandemic has exposed the economic venerability of many countries, not only has the virus exposed a weak economic system but also made many people jobless


A lot of companies, businesses, and organization had no choice but to downsize and lay off staff to cope with the reality posed by one of the deadliest infection known to man   

In the US, the Covid-19 pandemic made more than 18million Americans jobless with the space of five months

In the UK, the situation was not different, many applied for government stimulus package due to massive layoff during the pandemic 

Being sacked or laid off from your place of work is not a new phenomenon, a lot of persons have been sacked lately, more will be sacked in times to come, and how does one get over this, is what this article is all about 


Getting sacked in one places of work is a trauma that may be hard to come by with, while some many get out of it easily, others may find it hard to coup with

How can one possibly move on after being sacked is what we will be discussing, some points will go as far as helping affected persons from giving up in life, thus reducing the thought of suicide or post-traumatic stress that comes with it 

Get More Time To Recover 

When an organization don’t longer need your services, and got you sacked, at first, it will not be funny to come by with, so many thoughts will come in; how to pay bills, where to get tomorrow’s meal, how will your expenses be financed 

Giving yourself more time may be a big relief, at this time, not giving yourself to wide thoughts, fearful imaginations, and the thought of what to eat, wear, and who will pay the bills is the best thing that can happen to one 

As they say, time heals all wounds, a sacked worker should take more time to relax and forget about what has happened. 

This has proven to be the best remedy for someone who is sacked in his/her places of work 

Taking like three weeks off to relax and recover may be the best idea to come out of the shock and trauma one found him/herself 

Cut Cost To the Barest Minimum 

Yes, cutting cost at this time is what someone sacked from his/her places of work should do, this will ensure that only expenses of paramount importance are met, all other extravagant, wasteful, and not needed expenses should be prioritized or put on hold, the idea behind this is to ensure that, the sacked person should not lack or run out of cash any time soon

Cutting cost may be difficult, because one is already used to the formal lifestyle of excesses, and could even be harder to contain if one pride himself with extravagant friends and relatives 

By cutting cost and giving yourself self-time to recuperate, the best is yet to come, as no situation lasts forever, things will start to fall in place when the right mind is in-tacked  

Developing and Generation Ideas To Get Out Of The Situation

Taking time to relax and getting off excessive spending may be the best for a win against malicious and suicidal thoughts, but one will need to spring up ideas to move on with life   

Developing and coming up with what to do next, how to it and when to start are factors that must come to play in all ideas look into. Getting out of the jobless situation must come with robust ideas, innovation, and mind-blowing thoughts 

Implementing the “Developed or Generated Ideas”

This will involve six steps 

  • Identifying the Problem: A sacked employee must underscore the reasons why he/she was sacked or laid off, this will help to contained future occurrences. Ideas work at a spend of sound, in identifying the problems, one must understand, what works best for you, how it can be integrated 
  • Generate and Screen the Ideas: Many ideas of what to do will come up. One may find other places to work or skills to acquire. Whatever comes to your head at this point must be screened, only the best selected 
  • Conduct a feasible plan: Meaning, see which of the screened ideas will work, only ideas of importance are needed now 

Taking A Transitional Job or Learning A Skill

A sacked worker should explore all good options, looking for a job after being sacked from one may not come as expected, but taking a temporal, transitional work with small pay may keep the pocket running and food on the table 

Instead of waiting for a big or white-collar job, a transitional job may give you some cash to keep the home going, bills paid and friends in tacked 

While is it advisable to do a menial job to provide for a short time, one may also take up a skill 

And ICT or internet-related skills may be a good return for investment if learned properly. In this 21st century, more persons are leaving their jobs to acquire skills, this is the future, no sack in it, no boss, just you and your gadgets

Prepare and Re-adjust Your CV

A sacked employee has more experience than a newly graduated novice, meaning, he/she has the advantage to get a good job, due to the experience attained from the previous role.

So, adjusting your CV and making it more attractive in any openings in town, stating when you have worked and what you are capable of doing may justify and convince an employer to land you the job in any of the start-ups 

Getting A New Job/Skills 

If all the aforementioned are carefully followed, a life-changing moment and opportunity will start, see it as a grace to invest wisely. If it’s a skill acquired, it must be used to its maximum capacity 


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