How To Work From Home: 10 Skills That Work In 2021

The world has changed, technology has advanced, and the mode in which people work has diversified into many uncountable platforms

Gone are the days, employees go to the office before they can render their services and get paid. It has changed for the better. Science and technology have made it easier for anyone to work anywhere, and get paid. 

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Working from home is now the dream of almost everyone, job seekers no longer see the need to be hired and forced to come to work. Working from home has saved peoples’ time, resources, and pleasures. 

In this article, we will disclose to you, some skills that can help you start your career to start working from home and receive decent pay like others in corporate offices 

Some skills need little to no assistance when it comes to working from home, we will expose such skills and how to start earning from it



The first on our list is blogging, this involved publishing and editing news, articles, and many more. A blog can easily be set up with little resources and with little technical know-how. 

With a blog, you work at the comfort of your house, you will need no office or hierarchy of authorities to control or direct you 

You are the Boss of your own, you work at ease when you feel like it, and no one detects or control your days

Blogging is a smart way of working at home, not only will one get decent pay at a professional level but one gets life-long skills that won’t go away any time soon


This is one of the skills connected to publishing, writing, and journalism, a freelancer needs only but a computer (PC) to start working from home.

One is set to work at home with ease and comfort as a freelancer. A freelancer writes books, blog posts, contents, etc, earns from his/her work 

Anyone can become a freelancer, there are many talented writers out there making it big, earn decent cash from writing contents to suit the need of other 

And since the world is now a global village, one can stays anywhere and gets paid for writing 

Affiliates Marketing 

The world has gone beyond the offline system of marketing of goods and services 

Affiliates marketing can be done at home, at ease and with great commission and compensation, in affiliate marketing, one help companies to sell and advertise goods and service online, on social media platforms, etc 

In return, the companies pay you commission, interest, wages, or salary when you drive sales, clients, or traffic to their site or business

This is one of the simple and easy ways to market goods and services in this digital world, statistics have shown that affiliate marketers earn more with less stress than their offline counter-pack 

Online Real Estate Agent 

Selling of houses, estate, or properties is now easy, one doesn’t need to toil the street of London, Paris, or New York in search of buyers of properties.

With a computer system at your disposal, you could be earning those millions as agency fees and other commissions 

An online real estate agent needs to be trained for flexibility and ease of operation, one needs to be experienced for some time to break even in this business

The good thing is, you work in your comfort zone as an online real estate agent, where you don’t need to go around the city, to get buyers or lenders of properties 

Social Media Manager

There are many organizations, persons, who want their social media to be managed, engaged, and popular. 

This is a lucrative job because one stay at home and managed the Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc of persons, groups, companies, etc and get paid handsomely 

Working from home as a social media manager I fun, as one listen and reply to comments, engages the audience, and signing emails.

If hired by professionals or expert, you could see yourself earning thousands of dollars monthly

Resume or CV Writer

This skill entails, writing resume for clients and getting a fee for it, though one needs to be a genius in writing a high profile and catching CVS, for clients to pursue their job hunts

Resume writing is a decent career and can be done while working from home, it possesses or needs some level of expertise and professionalism, which can be easily learned  

In the US and UK, on average, a resume or CV writer earns 60,000 dollars yearly

Online Tutors  

As the name implies, a person can organize online tutorial, renders E-teaching services, and receive commensurate compensation for work done 

This is a million-dollar business as most schools and businesses are now going online to stay afloat  

Online tutors in the US, UK, and Canada make between $15 to $20 per hour, and it can be done at the comfort of your home. See what you can teach and find who needs your services, the sky will be your starting point 

Digital Marketer

Helping companies grow and build their brands through the various online platform is a lucrative job gaining ground all over 

Digital Marketing involves Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, Paid Social, Analytics Choosing an area of specialization we are a win-win situation for all who is interested 


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