How To Fix “No Payment Data” On Your Npower NASIMS Dashboard

The Npower Batch C beneficiaries have started receiving their October stipend but are mered with challenges and payment delays

Some beneficiaries have not seen their alert due to some “No Payment Data” issues sported in their NASIM dashboard

To fix this “No Payment Data” problem, batch c stream 1 beneficiary must have completed physical verification

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If you have done your Physical Verification, and the “no payment data” still lingers on your site, your payment is being processed as a backlog, you will definitely be paid, and your payment data will be uploaded by Npower NASIMS.

On the other hand. if you have not completed your Npower physical verification and your payroll tab displays “no payment data”, you will not be paid.

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“The “no payment data” simply means that your payment status has a little issue, please if you are faced with this issue simply contact Npower NASIMS at “[email protected], the “no payment data” depicts that your account information has not been validated”

Although this issue might be uploaded as time goes on, to clear any benefits of the doubt just contact Npower via any of their dedicated phone numbers on 092203102, 018888148″-enze

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