Fmardspace: Enumerators Onboarding List Batch 1- See more Names Here

QUICK! Check your mail to see if you meet the First Batch of Enumerators Onboarding

Enumerators Onboarding List Batch1

Congratulations on successfully completing our tests.


  • By now you should have received your engagement letter directing you on next steps.
  • If you are yet to upload your Passport Photo and Identification don’t worry, you can still do so on the ODK App, during your onboarding survey.
  • Complete your onboarding process on the device you will be using for the final capture by following the steps below:
  • Download the User Guide here Ensure you complete all the steps in the user guide.
  • Configure
  • The ODK App as instructed in the User Guide.
  • Survey-Download and complete these three (3) survey forms

Enumerator Onboarding Form

  • Practice Survey Form – Practice by completing a few.
  • National Agricultural Assets Survey Form


Start enumerating farmers using the National Agricultural Assets Survey Form. This is the survey that will be paid for.


Please note that your Master-Trainer will be in contact with you for further instructions. Feel free to contact us for further clarification and guidance should the need arise on [email protected]

Go Ahead and Upload Deployment/Posting letter-Npower

Npower: Confirmed

Upload your deployment letter as soon as possible, See NPVN site here


Uploading Deployment/posting letter-Go ahead and Upload your letters

The attentions of the npower management team have been drawn to the purported uploading of deployment/posting letter on NPVN dashboard.

In the official Facebook handle of Npower, volunteers where encourage to upload their Uploading Deployment/posting letter

There is now an official announcement from the official social media handle of npower,

Apparently the NPVN portal of some beneficiaries might not be opening due to the general maintenance going on with the portal

It has been rumored, the NPVN portal and the Npower registration portal are currently been prepared for massive recruitment soon thus: response to uploading lingers

For those whose NPVN Portals are not responding, maintain maximum restraint on your NPVN portal as constant login might disturb the platform from loading your details

All batch A 2016 volunteers are to upload their letter quickly, thought the site is having some issues, which is being worked on currently


2016 Volunteers are advised to go ahead and upload their letters

We will keep you appraised should any development ensued from that angle. For now, please upload your letters as soon as possible to avoid any problems

Click here to Upload Deployment/posting letter



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