FMARD: Registration, Test, ODK App Survey & Final List- Here

FMARD: Registration, Test, ODK App Survey & Final List- Here: The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Execution (PACE) has sent emails to those volunteers that are selected to take part in the next stage of the programme

AFJP is a collaboration between the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co-ordination and Execution (PACE) Secretariat, which aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the agriculture sector, and export food surplus using existing agreements.

To achieve this, Enumerators will be engaged to survey smallholder farms, collect farmers details, identify priority crops and livestock and mapping the size of the farm.

The successful applicants will be required to download the survey apps and activate their user accesses. Enumerators will be compensated for successfully validated farmers and farms.

This information is mostly for all Npower beneficiaries. The fmard validation form is now open for all, even non- beneficiaries can be registered

a large number of persons are needed to register farmers nationwide in all the 774-local government areas in Nigeria, the form will also be open for none beneficiaries, but for now, only Npower beneficiaries are to partake.

How to Register


Login: https://­­agent/register*

 Fill all the Space necessary except devices, most batch B volunteers don’t have gadgets yet

After filling the form, make sure you submit you form, it will prove hard to submit at first, when its shows you, “your email has already been taken, then you are successful”.

Logout and wait for an email for the next stage. Which will come in less than 72 hours’ time


Check your Email to see if you are selected for the next stage.

Next Stage: Test- 15 minutes easy test-(please try and Score 80% and above)

If your application meets their requirement, you will see an email “You have been selected to participate in a remote training and testing programme”

You would be invited to write an easy test.

Before writing the test, some Training Manuals would be made available to you via your email:

  • Assess the Training Manual from a video
  • Download and study it, then
  • Complete all assigned tasks.
  • The test question is 25
  • And in Two faces, after the first, try the second, to increase your chances

Video Tutorial links

  • Introduction Video:
  • First Steps: 
  • Mapping & Soil Collection
  • The Survey:
  • FAQs:
  • We would like to invite you to attend our information sharing sessions on Zoom as detailed below:
  • Finally take a Test based on the Enumeration Training you’ve just concluded.

This test takes about 15 minutes and the link opens only once. Successful candidates will be contacted subsequently.

Before you take the test, please ensure that you:

  • Have good Internet connection.
  • Are ready and will not be interrupted.
  • Have read all the training materials thoroughly and completed at least one survey.
  • Take the Test on the one-time link
  • If the link expires, worry not, they will send another within 30 hours

Note: Always check your email, many links will be sent to you

Next Stage: ODK Collect App Survey- You must do a Survey to make the final list

This is where most volunteers will find it hard, but very much easy and simple

In your google search or play store search for

  • Download and install it
  • Follow all the settings instructions in the menu
  • At a time, you will go to any farm and take pictures
  • It works with GPS and Google map, very sensitive

For more on this ODK App Survey and how to go about it, download the AFJP TRAINING SLIDES IN THE MAIL SENT TO YOU

Next Stage: Final List

Your survey analysis will determine making the final list

  • Take your time to conduct good survey
  • Make you choose farm close to you
  • Preferable choose animal farm or poultry
  • You will be paid juicily if chosen at the end
  • An email will be sent to you, congratulating you

Letter for Successful Enumerators will be sent to you in the below format:

Dear Adams K. Moses N-Power participant,


Following your successful completion of the enumerator test, we are pleased to notify you that you have been enrolled as an enumerator in the Agriculture For Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) to participate in a nationwide farmer/farm enumeration exercise over the next 10 days.

Should you accept to participate in this exercise as an enumerator, you will be deployed within 24 hours. Your Master Trainer will be communicated, who will be your supervisor throughout the exercise.

As an AFJP enumerator, you are required to work under the supervision of your assigned master trainer to identify and register farmers and their farms in your assigned wards using the designated ODK Collect App on the use of which you were trained.


your remuneration is based on the number of surveys successfully submitted. A total of Three Hundred Naira (N300) is available for each VALIDATED farmer/farm captured in two tranches.

N150 for each submitted farmer/farm data at the end of every week and a balance of N150 in 30 days after the exercise is closed. This period is to validate the authenticity of the information submitted. Specific emphasis is placed on the quality and integrity of the data captured by you.

Criteria for Validation:

The data to be captured comprise of the ‘farmer’ details and the ‘farm’ as detailed in the ODK collection app. Please submit only genuine data as this determines your final payment.

The Farmer must be a real farmer as well as his/her farm where you registered him/he.

The personal information about the farmer/farm must not be forged (if we discover the data is forged, it will be disqualified, and payment will not be made for it).

To participate, please click on this link to complete the engagement form within 24hours on receipt of this letter.

Congratulations and welcome to the Nation Agricultural Assets Survey team.


Programme Manager – AFJP Farmer Enumeration Exercise





  1. Which comes first,is it the test before downloading ODK collection or ODK collection download before test?

  2. I was onboarded since last week and I checked my mail more often I couldn’t see my User name and password however I proceeded to the Enumeration proper hope there is no problem ???


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