Fmard Agricultural Field Enumerators Accuse FG Of Enslavement

Enumerators of the Fmard programme has blamed the Federal Government for complete neglect and enslavement-Dailytrust reports

Fmardspace enumerators who were employed to collect the bio-data, farming information, bank, and contact details of farmers across the country, have wept out over the default of their privileges.

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The Federal Government employed 30,000 enumerators, agreed to pay them for 500 naira per enumeration since June 2020. Some enumerators receives half payment, others were flagged

Enumerators voiced their plight and concern over the nonpayment, describing the situation as enslavement

 “These young and promising youths risk their lives and continue to work to ensure that the project is executed, but their spirits have been dampened due to the nonpayment and lack of formal commitment from the ministry to formalize their engagement.

“As we speak, there is no spelled-out contract of engagement that includes the duration of work, well-defined wages plan, either monthly or weekly.


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“The enumerators are really unhappy over the unpatriotic acts that depict modern-day slavery to graduates, courtesy of their unemployed status.  This has led to the non-execution of the mandate of the AFJP target for over a year since it was launched.”

 “any palliative, seed crop and capital or farm inputs. There has been media cacophony about farmers’ empowerment, but in reality, over five million farm data generated by the enumerators for onward empowerment by the federal government has not been utilized.”

In a joint meeting between the Fmardpace Enumerators and the AFJP coordinator who met to discussed issues bordering the fertilizer subsidy grant and the enumerator’s welfare


It was made known that over N15B is lying idle in the Unity Bank, awaiting disbursement, depending on when the issue of risk-sharing formulae is resolved

The office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) in collaboration with the Fmardpace Enumerators and the AFJP coordinator, is set to To Pay enumerators and farmers over N15Billion within the week, this was confirmed by the AFJP National coordinator Dr. Andrew kwasari.

CBN and the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) commence disbursement of N15Billion Enumerators on a risk-sharing formulae to be (50:50)

“But payment of (Enumerators entitlement) is expected any moment from next week as it’s in the accountant general office for disbursement”

 “This made CBN decide to change the risk-sharing formulae to be (50:50) and unity bank refused to agree, so about N15billion+ is at unity bank waiting for the agreement between the two parties, therefore for both the zero interest agricultural input loan and the fertilizer subsidy grant have no time to be disbursed until an agreement is arrived at and all the petition in EFCC are proved negative”-Myeduproject quoted the press release held by FMARDSPACE/ AFJP, September 09/ 2021

The risk-sharing ratio will now be equal, should there is bad debt or loan default, meaning CBN will bear 50% of any risk from farmers refusing to return the loan where necessary.

Similarly, Unity bank plc will also take 50% of the risk, as part of a measure to disburse the loan. No more (CBN70% : unity bank 30%) as agreed earlier

“Regard to the Provision of the zero interest agricultural input loan and the fertilizer subsidy grant to the Enumerated farmers, on this we don’t have fixed time or date, as of before the agreement made on sharing risk formula between CBN and Unity bank is (CBN70%: unity bank 30%) later on, a lot of complaints were raised by those sabotaging the project that the farmers will eventually not pay for the loan”- Analysis by MYEDUPROJECT

The above has been agreed upon and the office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) has been noted regarding this, the EFCC will keep an eagle eye on the fund as disbursement commences soon



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