Choosing a topic for your project, could be hectic a times. Because many students don’t know what to write on, what they are good at and the logic involved.

A project topic should not be copied, or stolen from previous records. It should come as a passion from what he/she wants to write on. Apparently, most students have no time to check from the onset.

One becomes depressed, after starting a topic with less or no interest. The time spent on corrections can make a proverbial snake hate his subject. Witch hunt, evil, he wants money, he wants to take advantage of me, are words commonly used by most folks, when the copied topic bites harder.

Little did students realize that, lecturers are professionals and experts. They want something unique and different. But the copycat wants easy passage, to the other side of the red sea.

Especially for undergraduates, choosing a topic must come with passion from the inside. Anything less than that may catapult the copycat in to a nightmare of worries, depression and blame game

How to Choose a Topic suitable for Research Purposes

when students are not with the principles of research method. Students may find it uneasy to cope; hence the need to get the basic research knowledge is paramount.

Choosing a project topic, should not be a problem, it is a time to bring out you hidden potentials. Depending on the course of study, all departments and faculty have their standards and methodology.

• Interest: this is one Fundamental about topics, look at all what you have been taught. Check the areas you are more interested at. Perhaps, more ideas will start to pour in. A student, who develops interest in selected topics, will find it easy during research. Even when the going-get-tough, your interest in it will be your engine driver.


• Passion: Interest alone is not enough; develop strong passion for topics you choose. When the passion is there, the will-power shall be your strength. Your passion towards your preferred topics, should be your inner joy.
• Ideas: Since you are required to submit, three or more propose topics, you should be well informed about your proposed topics. Interest and passion without ideas, will not yield the desired outcome. Having ideas the topics you came up with, will give you a clear-cut direction.
• Researchable Topics: Your propose topics should be researchable. Meaning, it must be materialistic, sane and capable of addressing problems. Your proposed topics should be well guided by ethics of your profession

Things to Avoid on Research work

Be an outstanding student, never flow with the crowd, you must be unique as a student
• Avoid Copying Project Topics and works: when you copy, you limit yourself, to some on else’s idea. Limiting yourself makes you subject to an idea. A student should be superior in generating ideas.
• Your Analyses must come from you: The research project must be started and finished by you, no body write or analyses your data. Your supervisor should guide and assist you, in areas of need. Friends can also guide you. You must not pay anyone to do the job for. Learn and understand your work.
• You must not Bribe your Lecturers or lure them to Score you high: It is evil to bribe your way in; the purpose of research project is for knowledge. Apparently, there are under practices, not healthy for our educational system. Such should not continue.