Buhari To Sack 15 Ministers:  5 Problems Await Npower If Sadiya Is Sacked

Buhari To Sack 15 Ministers: 5 Problems Await Npower If Sadiya Is Sacked: News gaining around the ground on the purported plans by the presidency to sack 15 of its cabinet members before the end of the year 2021, this is contained in the report of an online investigative media giant-Sahara Reporters

It is worthy to mention that, the presidency laid off two of his ministers, including Saleh Mamman, the Minister of Power; and Sabo Nanono, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

President Buhari is preparing to layoff 15 more cabinet members before 2021 runs to an end, Sahara Reporters added

It is not clear who the 15 ministers are but the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami is among the minister to be laid off, Sahara Reporters added

Among the 15 to be sacked, there are high tendencies the Humanitarian minister, Umar Sadiya Farouq would be among the 15 to be laid-off

In recent times, Umar Sadiya Farouq has been accused of:

Corruption in Npower/Diverting Covid-19 packages


Mismanagement of Home-Grown School Feeding Program (Used N13B to Feed Pupils staying at home, at the middle of the covid-19 pandemic –Read More

Non Accountability of funds in the RRR Cash program

Not Paying over 14,200 Batch A and B volunteers of the Npower Program

Grilled by lawmakers for financial related misconducts-Read more


However, Umar Sadiya has so many great achievements and goods sides being the First Minister of the Humanitarian Affair, Disaster Management, and Social development- Read More

She is one of the best in the Buhari’s Cabinet, her policy formulation, program implementation, creativity are top-notch

On this premise, we will look deep into this and see what will happen to the Npower program, if the tides decide not to favor her.

As we all know, Umar Sadiya is the first minister of the newly created ministry of Humanitarian Affair, Disaster Management, and Social Development, in which the Npower program is embedded

Lets Unveil challenges to hit the Npower Program should the minister get sacked

More Delays to Hit The Npower Nexit CBN Loan Program

The Nexit CBN program was an idea of the Umar Sadiya Farouq shortly after terminating the appointment of batch A and B volunteers

It took the minister over a year to come up with this program, all arrangement is in “top gear” to deliver of the biggest and largest loan program in Africa- Read more

Sacking Sadiya when Nexit is “a stone throw distant” will spell doom for the program and over 500,000 disengaged volunteers will wait further “to no end”

If you could remember vividly, there were no plans on the ground, and Batch A volunteers were allowed to stay beyond 24 months, the agreed tenure of the program, culminating into 40 months before disengagement

Npower Program Could Have Been A permanent One-But Was Streamlined Due to New Minister

When Mr. Afolabi was the cluster head of the program, some gray areas were sacredly protected

Permaenency-Read more

Permanenting volunteers with increased stipends were the game plan, but Mr. Afolabi and many clusters were removed, plans dashed to the ground

The appointed Sadiya forcefully disengaged the over 500,000 volunteers without a plan to integrate them. The program life span was also shortened to One year for batch C applicants

Removing Umar Sadiya will only worsen the situation and progress made so far, as the new pilot may take the plane to another destination not suitable for passengers

New Minister/Head Will take Time To Comprehend the Npower Program

It took Sadiya 6 months to understand the Npower program upon resumption as the head of the Program and Ministry-Read More

And when she understood the program after 6 months, so many unfriendly changes came in, leading to the disengagement of batch A and B

Sacking her and replacing another may spell doom and unnecessary delays

Policy Implementation

While it is easy to formulate policies in the Humanitarian Ministry, implementing them will be “a rocket science Albert Eisen will take time to learn if he was a Nigerian”

A classical example of policy sommer sault was trying to integrate 500,000 volunteers after the expiration of their tenure

From Npower Beneficiary to Npower Volunteers To Npower Enhancement To Npower Transition To Npower Nexit program- Read More

Paying Batch C Stipend As At When Due May Be A Wishful Thinking

Batch C stream one must know that, you won’t get paid on time, as far the Npower program is concerned



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