The Federal government plans to recruits 400,000 men into the Nigerian Police Force; this was contained in a statement by the minister of information lai Mohammed.

Apparently, there have been speculations that, the plan is to expand security network.  These 400,000 men will serve as community security men or the much talked about state police.

No one knows if the N-power volunteers in their current place of primary assignment would facilitate and compliment this plan, but from all indication, strength would be drawn from the N-power volunteers.

These 400,000 Men may serve network community police, and by community police the Federal Government seek importance of active partnership between the police, civil societies and other agencies of government work together in identifying and solving problems to improve the overall quality of life as whole and crime prevention in particular.

The federal Government planned using the community police to bring policing closer to citizens whose lives and property are threatened by insecurity.

The 2014 Constitutional conference of President Jonathan’s led government made provisions to create the community police system but failed to implement it due to failed re-election bid.

The current administration saw the need to used highly educated graduates from the nation’s high institution of learning to contain the insecurity threat bedeviling the country.

A-14 Man Committee Set-up

Lately, A-14-man committee was se-up to draft out plans by investigating and implementing strategies that will see the how volunteers will assist the police to curtail threat to national security.


The committee will report their findings and recommendations within two months and volunteers will commence training before the year runs to an end.

Around 500,000 volunteers from every one of the classes of N-power (N Teach, N-agro, N-Health, N-Tax, Creative and so on.) are relied upon to take an interest in the network policing.

After the discoveries and suggestions by the 14-man board of trustees, the Federal Government, will make extra budgetary arrangements to see to its initiation.

In a nation tormented with heaps of security challenges, the need to help the police with additional knowledge at the nearby and network level gets central,


It is qualified to make reference to that, network policing happens when a “law implementation organization and well behaved resident’s work together to complete four things:

1) Prevent wrongdoing capture;

2) Offenders;

3) Solve on-going issues; and

4) Improve the general personal satisfaction.”

Be that as it may, the point of network police is to:

1. Diminish tranquilize and other crime in the network;

2. Build up and fortify enemy of medication frames of mind, social standards and practices;

3. Empower a network to accept accountability and take control with the goal that their neighborhoods won’t crumple under the weight of social issue, wrongdoing and medications. Also read

4. Build up a network wide system by which regular concerns can be adequately tended to.

Why would N-power volunteers chosen for this Job?

  1. The N-power consist of men and women from the nation’s higher institutions of learning
  2. Volunteers’ details are already in the data bank of N-power (Federal Government), no need for documentations and verifications.
  3. N-power Volunteers are already trained in their place of Primary Assignment, little or no training is training would be required.
  4. Volunteers are chosen from their local community, they know their community better.
  5.  Volunteers’ are young and vibrant.

The date of commencement of the recruitment has not been announced.  Volunteers are to remain focus in their PPA as more Information pours in.

We will keep you appraise upon commencement of the programme, feel free to visit the site to check for details.

The board of trustees will report their discoveries and suggestions inside two months and volunteers will begin preparing before the year races to an end.