Apply For Farmermoni/Tradermoni/Marketmoni (N10k-N150k) 2021/2022-For All Network

Government Enterprise And Empowerment Programme (GEEP).

It consists of Conditional Cash Transfer, TradaMoni, FarmaMoni, and so on, created to provide micro-credit facilities for men and women in order to reduce poverty among rural areas and provide skills development, training, and business support, rebuilding the economies of rural areas through financial grants

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The Federal Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme (GEEP) has officially kick-started, formed to provide loans credit SMEs to small businesses operated by low-income earners

The GEEP Loan cut across three programs: MarketMoni, TraderMoni, and FarmerMoni.

In this article, we will see who is eligible to apply for this loan, the categories of the loan program, how to apply for each of the programs under GEEP,



Every trader, artisan & farmer in Nigeria is eligible for a GEEP loan.

GEEP loans are designed to provide credit to small businesses with a convenient repayment period of 6 months.




MarketMoni was the first loan product launched by GEEP.

It is a 6-month interest-free loan, starting from N50,000 ($139) for small businesses under the auspices of their cooperative societies or market associations.

This loan product has helped small business owners scale their businesses while offering them a comfortable repayment period.



TraderMoni is the entry-level loan product for GEEP.

It is a 6-month interest-free loan, starting from N10,000 ($28) aimed at petty traders and artisans.

This loan is targeted at the everyday market trader, who makes a living from what they sell on a daily basis and whose product inventory ranges from N2,000 – N5,000.

This loan immediately provides them with a structured way to increase their inventory, while repaying the loan.

 Most beneficiaries of this loan product are first-time receivers of a loan from a formal financial lender.

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FarmerMoni is a loan product targeted at smallholder farmers in the agriculture sector.

This product is a 6-9 months interest-free loan, starting from N250, 000 ($694) for farmers within farming clusters.

The loan is tailored to suit the peculiarities of the different planting seasons and farming requirements.

This product also includes a guaranteed off-taker who commits to purchasing the farming producer from beneficiaries of this loan for the purpose of local

food production.




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