Anonymous Hacks DSTV/GOTV, All Channel Available for Free

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Anonymous Hacks DSTV/GOTV, All Channel Available for Free

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Anonymous Hacks DSTV/GOTV, All Channel Available for Free: Within the last 48 hours, an identity called anonymous source has hacked many corporate organizations including CBN, IFRS, GLOBAL COM. NTA, Edo State Government Website etc

“The DDoS attacks aim to shut down the targeted website or server as a form of protest.
We do it in government sites and banks to help the people. These attacks are coordinated and we are like 4 people taking part in it”

What this means is that, DSTV AND GOTV are now vulnerable to attack, a lot of damages have done , and Revenue worth millions of dollars lost

While customers can now watch all channels available for free, the long time effect on the company will be a “Negative Working Capital”, which might eventually makes them fold up

The Nigerian Cyber Space is now at “grave risk” if this continues, Many companies may pullout or shut down operation out of fear of being spied (Hacked) upon

The management of Dstv Nigeria said, its a maintenance and upgrade issue, and things will go back normal in 48 hours time

Dstv and Gotv are doing a maintenance and upgrade from 11pm on Saturday to 4pm on monday. Text messages was sent since last week.

And that’s the reason the channels are opened for this two days only. You won’t know this except its the first time you’re using DStv.




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