Airports, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Offices Would Closed Monday-NLC (Daily post)

Airports, Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Offices Would Closed Monday-NLC (Daily post): Massive Strike and Protest to Hold Monday

See Nigerian Labour Union: Massive Strike and Protest to Hold Monday

The Meeting between the Federal Government and the Leaders of the Nigerian Labour Congress ended without any compromise from both sides

The failed meeting took place at the Vice president residence Sunday after two failed meetings were held same day

labour had already issued warnings insisting on an indefinite strike accompany with massive protest

“The Organised Labour in Lagos State has said all sectors would be shut from Monday. He said airports, banks, and offices would not be allowed to function.

The nation will be shut down any moment from as Nigerian Labour Congress had a failed meeting with the Federal Government


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The recent increase in fuel price, hike in electricity charge and the skyrocketing of food prices is the bane for the latest industrial action

Deputy Vice President, Nigeria Labour Congress, Amaechi Asogwuni, spoke at a news conference on Sunday.

“No airport will be in operation in Nigeria; banks are not expected to function, so no business owners should risk himself, for Nigerian workers have taken that decision”,  According to NAN


“We are the workers and we are withdrawing our services; we have the right to do so because protests are our constitutional right. And I believe we will enforce it; schools shall remain closed until this action ends.”

 “The government did not do that at a time it ought to; it failed in its duty to engage labour before time. On the issue of electricity, the government had earlier had an interaction with labour in Kano and we discouraged it from proceeding.”

In a similar development, the TUC has also backed the strike, insisting that, fuel price and electricity charge must be reverted to it formal position

Nigerians from all works of lives have expressed support and corporation to the action of the Organised Labour

The government had said, there is no going back as there is no provision for subsidy in the current budget and that of 2021

“ In the statement by Comrade Emmanuel Ugboaja, NLC asked all National Leadership of affiliates in Abuja to mobile at least 2000 of their members to Unity Fountain, Abuja for the mass rally which takes off at 7am”

Nigerians are advised to see reasons why this is necessary, until there is a compromise and shift from the government, NLC will not heed any meeting by the Federal Government 


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