Account for Unpaid Stipends or Loose Your Job-Senate to Sadiya Umar. See

Account for Unpaid Stipends or Loose Your Job-Senate to Sadiya Umar: The Senate has threatened to slam Umar Sadiya Farouq over Unpaid Stipends, promised to write to the presidency for immediate action should unpaid stipends for the months of March, April and May are not paid to Affected volunteers

Honorable Minister for humanitarian Affairs and disaster Management, the ministry managing the affairs of SIP, Npower will be summoned before the Senate Thursday.

In what appeared to be a doughty session in the senate, the ministers’ integrity and competency were questioned, prompting the need to take action to curtail future occurrence

Umar Sadiya Farouq was ones slammed and criticized over three months arrears owed beneficiaries without any reasonable course

In a statement last week, the battered minister disclosed not owning volunteers’ stipends, faulted accusation of non-payment on her

In her correct words” I have paid all volunteers their stipends, I am not owing any beneficiaries as of date” an outrage that sparks massive online protest from affected volunteers from all nooks and cranny of the country

The 9th senate has promised to take disciplinary measures against the minister this time, should volunteers stipend get delayed or withheld


Responding to delayed in stipends payment, Umar Sadiya Farouq blamed technical hitches countered from the GIFMIS platform, denying involvement of keeping volunteers’ money in a fix deposit account for interest

“She (Minister) stated that the delay for the payment was due to the change in Government policy of migration from the REMITA platform system to the GIFMIS system of payment which requires offloading the beneficiaries into the new system before finally uploading, reviewing and final payment by the Social Investment Programme (SIP).

But this is the usual statement and apology dished out monthly to volunteers, prompting name calling and massive online protest

The Federal Government has asked all affected volunteers not paid for the said months (March, April, and May) to forward their details as soon as possible through their verified channel for verification and settlement


Dailytrust also gathered that, the nineth senate is on a verge of taking disciplinary measures against the minister this time, should volunteers stipend get delayed or withheld

The covid-19 palliative was also raised, many irregularities and mismanagement in the disbursement of funds were dimed on Umar Sadiya Farouq

“Umar Sadiya is to encounter exhaustive interrogations from a Reps Committee on Public Account next Thursday regarding the ongoing mishaps of omitting many npower volunteers for consecutive three months and other issues surrounding the school feeding.

The committee threatens the affected officers with warrant of arrest if they fail to appear before it to account for such nagging matters”- Daily Trust Newspapers

Re-submit “Onboarding Form” in the ODK App Urgently-FMARD

The Agricultural for Food  and Jobs  Plan (AFJP) is joint project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Project for Agricultural Co -ordination and Planning (PACE) Secretariat, which aims to increase locally grown food supply, create employment opportunities in the agriculture sector and  export  surplus using  existing agreements  has warned all applicants to resubmit their “Onboarding Form” in the ODK App Urgently

Kindly submit or resubmit your Onboarding Form” in the ODK App Urgently

Ensure that:

  • Your BVN is correct
  • Current Location is provided
  • Your name and Surname are correct
  • Be sure you follow all the settings instruction given

You will be activated within 24hrs

There have been issues with the ODK collection app lately, and applicants could not submit their survey after capturing farms/farmers

Fmard/Space is aware and has resolved it, applicants must resubmit their BVN is correct and Current Location


  1. I still can’t understand her reason for excluding over 80,000 beneficiaries from the payroll which initially had no issue. . . .only God will judge her.


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