2021 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge – Win Up to €20,000 – Apply Here

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2021 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge – Win Up to €20,000 – Apply Here: The Ebbe Nielsen Challenge was created to honour the memory of Dr. Ebbe Schmidt Neilsen who was an inspirational leader in the fields of biosystematics and biodiversity informatics and a principal founder of GBIF.

After the formation of GBIF, he died before the organization even started properly. The firm has opened the application for Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2021, so entrants have a broad remit for creating tools and techniques that advance in open science and improve the access, utility, or quality of GBIF-mediated data.

Eligibility of Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

The Challenge is open to individuals, teams of individuals, companies and their employees, and governmental agencies and their employees.

The Challenge is not open to:

  • Current staff members at the GBIF Secretariat.
  • Individuals currently contracting directly with the GBIF Secretariat.
  • Members of the GBIF Science Committee.
  • Heads of Delegation to GBIF.

Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2021 Evaluation Criteria


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A panel of expert judges from relevant scientific, informatics and technology domains will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:

Openness and repeatability: Are the constituent elements of the submission, like code and content, freely available and transparent? Are they appropriately licensed?

Applicability: Does the submission have sufficient relevance and scope that the communities GBIF support can use or build it?


Requirements for Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2021

Applicants will be required to complete the entry form, which provides information about the entry, including:

  • Abstract and rationale
  • Link to visuals (prototype, demo, video, screenshots, slides, etc.)
  • Link(s) to submit materials on any appropriate website or repository
  • Operating instructions
  • Team member(s) names and affiliations
  • Submission name/title

Prize for the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2021 Prize

The winners shall be rewarded with a total of up to €20,000 in prizes.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidate should click the click below to apply for this challenge.