2021/22 Prophecies: Tb Joshua Returns From Mountain With Prophecies

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2021/22 Prophecies: Tb Joshua Returns From Mountain With Prophecies: All is set for 2021 prophecies to be made known public by the “Elijah of our time”- Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua, has received the mind of God (prophecies) of 2021 and will be made known to the public 1, January 2021

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The Synagogue Church of All Nations will be the hosting ground for these mind blowing prophecies of our time

The Prophet prophecies on US Presidential Election came true as prophesied

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“We welcome Prophet TB Joshua from the Prayer Mountain where the Year of Humility, the Year of Fear and the American Election were prophesied”

“Get ready to listen to what he has to say for the coming year – coming soon on Emmanuel TV!”

myeduproject will publish all his prophecies immediately it is dished out, book mar this page for updates


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