10 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Money in 2021  

10 Businesses You Can Start With Little or No Money in 2021: There are many businesses one can start with little to no capital, these businesses are small on a medium scale, but when due attention is given to it, it may turn out to be a million-dollar business

Many persons find it difficult and hard to start up, this is as a result of limited capital, and unfriendly business policies in large cases. 

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While is it important to have enough capital to venture into business, all hands are not equal, some have no money to start.

The level of poverty in some countries is a factor that determines start-up in most businesses, meaning in poorer climes, it is pretty difficult to start up a business compared with nations of immeasurable wealth and class 

It is practically impossible to start any business without money, but the government of some nations of the world has made friendly policies for ease in doing business. We will be looking at a threshold of between $50 to $70 or no money as a start-up.

In this article, we will pinpoint some businesses one can start with little or no money, and when taking seriously, it will turn into a multi-million dollar business. 


Master of the Ceremony (MC)/A Professional Speaker 

This is one business that demands less or no money to start, there are few persons into this business as of 2021. Anyone can be a professional speaker, while many are gifted in talking, others are not.

People hire speakers at the event such as; seminars, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, end of the year parties, book launch, religious gathering, and the list goes endless.

MC or professional speakers are paid heavily, what seems like a “low-class profession” may give you the total yearly take-home pay for some white-collar jobs in some countries 

Being a professional speaker is a lucrative job that needs no fund to start, it requires some minor skills, which can be learned easily 

Instead of waiting for the big tech companies for a job, with huge demands and skills, while not take a professional speaker if talented? It may be a blessing in disguise

Career Guide 

These are businesses the society is not investing in, many persons have chosen the wrong career path as a result of “lack of career guide”, and going into a career guide is as lucrative as the job of a “rocket scientist”

This is because a person who gives a guide as a “career” helps many not to go astray regarding what they want in life. Setting up a Career Guide as a business and collecting fee for every client is a business that can earn you thousands of dollars within the short time. One reaches out to hundreds of schools, educate pupils and even write to parents, the deal is done 

Teaching Business

The teaching profession knows no bounds, it can never be done by only professionals or those in the education line.

Many students, researchers, and knowledge seekers are ever in need of an update and upgrade in new ideas, one can bridge the gap regarding these by going into the teaching as a business.

The Teaching Business can be formal or informal and may require little to no resource as start-up capital.

Many have followed this part and now owners of schools, professionals in curriculum designers, etc and are living large.

Contents Writer 

This is another business gaining ground all over, writing content is a business that requires no money, with your ideas and style of writing, the sky can only be your starting point.

Professional content writers earn about 60,000 dollars per annum, some content writers charged $1000/ 800 dollars per content in the United State 

Venturing into this business is lucrative and rewarding, not much is needed or required as start-up capital, but when you want to apt your game to a professional level, to attract more clients; then more budgets are needed

Dance or Music Business 

In my previous job, my Boss would employ the services of choirs, singers, and dancers from churches, organizations, and even individuals to display their talent in Christmas carols, end of year party and anniversaries and pay them as high as $940 each – A move that would make one free from poverty at a go. 

I don’t need to explain what dancing, singing or music can do. These are businesses that have made many millionaires in a long run, many stars sprung up from these.

The good thing about this is that it requires little to no money to start. It makes one popular and famous,  

Language Translator/Interpreter

This a new trend in town, many are cashing out from this. If are good at interpreting foreign languages, this business is for you.

Many Japanese, Chinese, French, and many other nationals come to the UK, US daily, some are tourists, seeking to catch fun with nature and scientific development.

They always seek the services of those who understood their language, for ease of communication. If you can communicate with tourist and relate with them and answer their questions in detail form via their language, you may be on a part of the success.

A few are a charge for any client who needs your services regarding your language interpreter and translator.

Preparing Tour For Client 

Surprise right! Yes this is a lucrative business many are now going into, some persons visit schools, organization, hotels, etc, arrange with guests, students to go visit sites, sound, or journey into far cities with the good fee being paid

This is like an excursion service, it is very easy to start, many schools planning to send their students on excursion look for people who are experienced in this

Going into this business is a sure way of expanding your coast of knowledge and wealth of experience, and cause, expanding your bank account   

Script Writing 

This is another lucrative business that requires little to no finance to start, writing script for movies can earn one a fortune if done properly. A professional scriptwriter makes $100,000 annually 

Scriptwriting can be done at home, and for any of the movie industries around the world. 


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