Best profitable skills to learn in Nigeria

Profitable Skills to Learn in Nigeria

The world is evolving fast and you know it, it’s past the time when people focus on getting collar jobs in order to earn a living.

We are always having graduates every year, and we have no job opening to masses only to high standard people with connection get the jobs.  

So many people are losing their jobs daily and go into hunger as they have no other way to make money.

The problem is that people are focusing on white-collar jobs and it is failing them woefully, it’s time to try new things entirely.

If you are reading this people you are here to know about the best profitable skills to learn in Nigeria.

We know it’s hard for you to decide to learn these profitable skills but you must understand that it will help you get a better life if mastered.

You can start working right after you learn these skills as few people offer them, you will be able to target the large market.


Without further ado, let’s start with the list of the profitable skills to learn in Nigeria:

1. Digital Marketing

The growth or success of every business is based on its marketing strategy.

They use this as a channel to promote their business using via different media, it is a mode of publicizing their business to get more people to convert.

Digital marketing serves and covers so many things including the need for the word of mouth or the use of running promos on the streets for more customers.


Digital marketing works effectively with the best budget.

The need for digital marketing has increased since business owners have the urge to bring the word

of their businesses out to people who can turn to potential customers.

With this skill, you can easily sell products for businesses when they hire you.

You can never be wrong when you choose to learn this skill as it is one of the profitable skills you can learn in Nigeria to make money.

Your minimum salary ranges from fifty to a hundred thousand nairas when you get started.

2. Coding

Coding is one of the profitable skills you can learn to make money online working remotely.

The world now lives in the technology era, where we all can’t do without using tech anymore,

we have come to the age where we must learn more about technology.

Coding is the core brain behind all these tech tools such as computer software, mobile apps, and

all those websites you visit day to day for information.

By now you must have realized that coding is an important skill to have, it’s a popular and highly demanded skill you can have.

There are lots of companies looking forward to employing people who can bring in more tech knowledge to

build useful applications and create a website that can help people solve their problems.

Your minimum salary ranges from a hundred to two hundred thousand naira when you get started.

3. Sales or Marketing

Nigerian is well known as a large source of sales due to its huge market.

Specifically, Nigeria is known as Africa’s biggest economy.

The country has more need for salesmanship and marketing skills than any other country.

The best way for a business to grow effectively is to start a thorough promotion using able hands and skillful hands to improve earnings.

Both of these skills are crucial and they are a skill that most companies use.

The reason being that companies always need the help of marketing Strategists to help increase earnings.

Strategist who would try out newer approaches to bait clients and maintain them attached to their own brand.

This skill needs you to put in lots of brain work.

You can acquire this skill in a university or you got to the length of learning in special colleges specialized in the course.

However, you do not need to have a formal degree in order to become a professional marketer or salesman.

4. Project Management

Project management is truly something huge in applications. It is one rewarding and most sort-for skill in Nigeria and everywhere in the world.

Fundamentally, the work of a project manager is to design, carry out and regulate a specific project from

beginning to end and afterward hand it over to the customer.

You can secure a degree in project management from a respectable Nigerian college or university or you can learn it by making use of an internship.

Whichever course you pick, it’s hot and in popular demand.

People are progressively busy dealing with some of their projects and are looking to hire more people into their team.

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5. Real Estate Brokerage

One of the important sectors in every society is housing, it is turning out big for real estate moguls as they earn money every day.

They enjoy this skill by earning six figures since one deal can cause you to help you quit your daily job and focus on it totally.  

That is the magnificence behind estate brokering jobs

If that you are skilled in handling this job, you will never earn anything lower short of 6 digits.

What does the work or skill involve? Indeed, purchasing and selling of properties for customers.

When we say properties, it could mean houses, lands, uncompleted structures, and numerous others.

When a customer needs to sell a house and you fill in as the center man to carry a buyer to him. If that the deal is fruitful, you will be paid an attractive commission of 5-20%

For example, in the event that you close a ₦60 million arrangement, you could acquire an incredible amount of seven to twelve million nairas in commission.

Your capacity to discover vendors and buyers is the expertise we are discussing.

6. Video Animation

Do you enjoy watching movies and have a passion for making videos? here is the best way to get started.

Learning video animation may look funny to you, but believe me, it’s one of the most sought-after skills in the world.

Considering to start it the comic, trifling or entertaining turn in video advertising and you will find it as the best one for you.

Fundamentally, your work with this skill is to make animations. This skill sells easily like no other skills as it is used for many purposes.

Animations are known as skills that breathe happiness into a sad state of mind and make the video less boring to people.

People no longer fall for the same story in the advertisement but with animation, you can anything creative to sell.

When you have this skill, you will find it easy for you to get hired by a company for the purpose of marketing and you will earn good money for it.

7. Video Production/Editing

This is in addition to other things, attached to sales promotion or marketing.

Lots of companies are always in need of someone who is skilled in promoting videos for their products

and you will be required to get hired as soon as possible if you are fit.

Let’s start with the media world, if you have this skill and you are good at it, you will be generally be sought after.

Making and editing readymade videos is the essence of the media digital world.

This skill would unquestionably change the fortunes of your finances as it is perhaps the most sought-after skill to learn in Nigeria.

8. Database Development/Management

Every organization needs a database to make and keep up its records just as tracking changes in their information.

They need highly skilled people to build up this database and oversee it, particularly if it’s a large organization.

You will be giving terms like oracle, field names, data manipulation, data format, and numerous others.

This requires a great deal of ability in data mining, arranging, and management.

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9. UI/UX Design

UI represents User Interface while UX represents User Experience.

Both are related to one another in one way or the other and are also known as the process engaged with making an application or product of an organization easy to use by clients or new clients.

 UI has to do with the design (look and feel) of the product to make it more friendly to clients while UX has to do with the analytics and the technicalities in question.

You can make at least ₦200,000 per project consistently with this type of skill.

10. Business Consultancy and Development

Nowadays everybody needs to have their very own business and buoy a brand.

However, the issue is they need proficient guidance and they need people to assist them with developing their business.

This skill can be gained by means of the degree course or through a business college.

In any case, it is one of the skills you can learn in Nigeria to start making money.

You can bounce on it immediately.

This skill is uncommon as are its trained professionals and this means you have a high chance of getting hired.





Now that you have learned the top 1o profitable skills to learn in Nigeria, it’s time for you to take action.

Start by analyzing these skills and see the one that fits your lifestyle. Then go learn it and make sure you know deeply about them.

Then you can start by creating portfolios to attract companies that will hire you.


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